Thursday, May 30, 2013

AMW Reviews: Block & White Pearly White UV Natural Pearl

Good morning!  Today, I will be reviewing my first Block & White experience!  When it comes to body lotion, I am not really looking into "whitening" but more into moisturizing. The thing though, I always ended up using body lotions with whitening agent because of the scent --- Silka, Vaseline, Jergens and now Block & White. 

Last year, I was invited to an intimate dinner to get to know more about the "repackaged" Block & White (read post HERE).  At first few uses, I've given my first impression on the said product --- smells wonderful, lightweight, no heavy or sticky feel and better packaging.

When I got home, I picked Pearly White UV Natural Pearl variant and immediately tested it out because the scent is my favorite among the bunch, at the same time, I am a strong believer on the lightening and brightening properties of pearls!  My sister and my friends take powdered pearl during pregnancy for their babies to have whiter and brighter looking skin!  (I wish I did but there are so many fake powdered pearls out there!)

Let's get back to the product, after a couple weeks of usage, I actually finished more than half of the product before I stopped using any whitening products during pregnancy, I stand by my first impressions and read on for more!

Block & White says ---

AMW says ---

  • Gives a good amount of moisture.
  • Skin didn't darken on the whole duration of usage.
  • Even if I perspire, the product doesn't contribute to sticky or greasy feel.
  • Skin does have a nice hint of "glow" after 3 weeks of continuous usage.  It was gone when I stopped using it though.


  • Moisture is not enough for people who suffer from dry skin.

A skin lightening product that works with long-term usage.  Block & White Pearly White UV Natural Pearl comes with UVA/UVB protection aside from the whitening property.


  • Use sunblock if you know you'll be exposed under the sun for longer period of time.
  • Apply all over your body after shower.  
  • For better effect, apply day and night.
  • Stop usage if signs of irritations occur.
  • Transfer to a smaller bottle and carry this along inside your purse and re-apply anytime within the day.  The scent could work as your "perfume" too.  The product smells great!

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Oily, Normal/combination skinned individuals who are looking for whitening lotion that's lightweight and gentle on skin.

Where to purchase and how much?
Leading supermarket nationwide.

  • 25ml Php15.00 (for Pearly White and Spotless White Papaya)
  • 100 ml Php64.00
  • 200ml Php112.00
  • 350ml Php180.00 

Have you tried Block & White in the past?
How do you like the new Block & White?
What's your favorite variant?

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  1. it's so affordable, gonna give this a try ^_^

  2. I've been using the one with SPF 24 for a long time now. Can you suggest any other lotion with SPF? I am not really into whitening kasi e... :)

    1. Usually kasi, instead of with SPF, go for SPF lotions na lang, kasi usually lotions with SPF have whitening/brightening effect. Go for pure SPF para mas effective :D There are a couple of moisturizing lotions with SPF naman, just like that from Nivea, Vaseline, etc..

  3. I've tried their lotion with spf 16. I like it because it is very moisturizing and not greasy. :)

  4. Oooh dami na bago ngayon ah. I remember using this brand back in gradeschool, whenever I got so tan from swimming! I would get several shades darker tapos my skin would peel so bad =( Grabe kaya ako magswimming noon, I would always regret it after! So when I went to highschool, I quit swimming naman since naging conscious na sa skin color. Lol

    1. So true, ang daming bago talaga dito! i'm sure you'll be surprised if you return here!

  5. This product name is "Citra" in Indonesia!
    #uselesscommentoftheday :D

  6. It has both uva uvb but do you have any idea about this lotion's spf rating since walang naka specify ata sa bottle, does it mean spf 15 siya? I want to try this lotion for indoor use pero may mga sun paring pumapasok from the window so sana malakas din su protection nya.

  7. Block and White whitening products really prevents skin darkening caused by the sun's harmful rays. I bought one at last year. Thank you so much :)

  8. Sa mga naka subok effective po ba?

  9. been using this before and maganda talaga sya sa skin. parang naging porcelain-like talaga sya. naimpress nga mama ko nun. kaso i'm not really sure kung sa lotion lang ba sya kase i was also using this with kojie san and twice a day ako naliligo nun kase summer ang init.. hindi din ako lumalabas sa bahay kaya siguro naging effective talaga..

  10. Try ko nga to.. Sna hiyang sakin. Dry ksi skin ko at yung gusto ko ung nagiging radiant sna
    skin ko.

  11. Actually i'm a fan of Block&White Pearly White UV. BUT, sad to say laging wala akong mabili kahit san dito samen.😪 Even sa mga online shop, lagi ko chinecheck kaya lang lagi din akong nadidisappoint kasi puro out of stock din. Bakit po wala laging stock non? Yung ibang variant naman po meron. 🥺☹️


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