Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Wonder: Dry Shampoo? Do you need them?

Happy Wednesday dearies!  How was Tuesday for you?  Mine was tiring yet super productive!  If you follow me on Instagram (@AskMeWhats), I was busy the whole day for a makeup shoot for one of my favorite cosmetics brand Benefit.  I will share more about my experience and the makeovers I've done soon! :)

Today, I have an intriguing question I'd love to ask for months but haven't gotten the chance to!  It's all about Dry Shampoos.  I've seen dry shampoos years ago through reading international beauty blogs 3-4 years ago.  I surrendered the idea of using one as I wash my hair regularly and I don't have any problems with greasy hair as my scalp tends to dry  instead. just like my skin. 

When I got pregnant, my dear highschool bestfriend sent me some post labor survivor stuff!  That includes the dry shampoo from Dove which we don't have it locally but she vouched it worked for her!  

Why do I need dry shampoo post labor?  Not sure if you've heard about the 1 month "no bath nor shower" after labor.  I'm not sure if it's a Chinese thing.  To those who don't understand what I'm talking about, it's 1 whole month of not taking a bath/shower after giving birth!  Imagine how awful I smell and how horrible my hair looks?  

The horrible looking part, I don't mind as I do not plan to get out of the house anyways.  But, the yucky, icky feel of grease ball hair is too much it can send me to post partum party (and that's a roundtrip!)

Armed with my first dry shampoo ever, I started using Dove Hair Therapy Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo.

A lot of you on Instagram asked: "Does it work?'

Well, the invigorating part, YES, but the feeling of "dry scalp"?  So far, I didn't get to experience that and I don't blame the product because a week, 2 weeks or a month of no shower is way too much to test this product.  PLUS, let's take it to consideration that this product isn't sold locally so this probably works way better in the States or whatever country this dry shampoo is sold. 

Back of the can

After taking the Dove Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo a test, I came into a conclusion that a certain product isn't sold in my country because for the fact that the product may not be as effective as where it is originally available from.

Recently, I've seen Asian beauty brands coming up with various Dry Shampoos. (Both photos below taken from Google images)

from Tony Moly 

 to Etude House

I haven't tried both but I have to be honest, I'm intrigued to give both Asian brands a try and see if they work.

I Wonder:
Do you use dry shampoos?  If yes, which particular brand and does it work for you?
Any other dry shampoo brands I should give a try?

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  1. I have the etude house omg dry shampoo, the batiste dry shampoo, and the got2b dry shampoo. I like all three of them. I really like the Etude House one but have only used it once because I'm saving it. It's not locally available in Canada and I have paid quite a fortune for a 50ml bottle of product. Lol. I only found ebay seller selling it. Anyway, I find this useful because during winter time, I prefer taking my showers at night. Also, sometimes I wake up late and have no time to wash my hair in the morning. It's a really good product to have on those days. It's also great for camping!!!

    1. wow..if you have tried Batiste and liked Etude House, I will definitely give Etude House a try! Can't wait to visit to the mall to purchase one! thanks for the reco! :)

  2. i am one of those who swear by dry shampoos!!! i have greasy scalp so sometimes my hair oil up towards the evening (esp when i walk far for lunch under the sun), so i have a bottle of dry shampoo standby in the office just in case i have plans to go out after work, i certainly don't want to look like a grease ball!

    my favorite is batiste and i will need to haul SO many of them when i visit UK as it's not available locally :D i think i have used one from wella yonks ago.. but can't seem to find it anymore. i can't remember how it was either. and batiste comes in many flavors!

    1. sis! yes, I remember how you complain about your greasy scalp! We don't have Batiste down here but seems this is the brand that everyone likes! Will keep that in mind!

  3. I HAD to comment cause this is a dry shampoo post xD
    I love having dry shampoo cause there are days that you don't expect to wake up late...but seeing as my hair gets really oily, I need to wash in the morning.
    Anyway, Batiste is my go to shampoo, but I have heard that Klorane is really good too. Unfortunately really expensive in Canada, so I haven't tried it out yet. Personally I have issues with the Dove one. A full can only lasts 3 or 4 uses, and doesn't seem to help my hair at all. Which is unfortunate as the scent isn't too bad.

    Luckily there are other options :)
    I didn't know Etude had one...got to look in to that one :)

    1. both brands you mentioned, we don't have it down here, so I guess I'll have to give Etude House a try and will post a review here if given a chance, but man! we're on opposite end of the world...so I guess there could be products meant for our weather down here.

  4. i use klorane and yep.. it works on me :)

  5. Dove dry shampoo and suave waterless shampoo is now carried in selected Robinsons Supermarket. Fyi. :)

  6. Lush has a dry shampoo in white powder form. Love the grapefruit scent and makes your head feel fresher but if you apply too much your hair looks gray ! Stay away from flash photography when you use it. I've also tried the Etude House one but it's so cute it feels sayang to use. Best one so far is Tresemme Dry Shampoo (spray). It mattifies your hair and gives instant volume =)

  7. I have been planning to get a dry shampoo for a very long time now since my hair oils up easily. Thanks for the review! Will try this out soon.:)


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