Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moms Know Best

Hi! Do you still remember my post on AskMeMom: Mom-To-Be Knows Best?  Time flew by so quickly I'm finally a mom and I had my first Mother's Day Celebration last weekend!  

Today, I want to share the Alagang Wilkins Moms Know Best TVC.  Watch the touching story on how moms would do ANYTHING to ensure the safety of her child.  I know I've seen my mom sacrificed so much for us and I obviously do the same for my little one!  

Last March, Wilkins also launched the Alagang Wilkins: Moms Know Best contest and received stories that best embodies a mother's love and care for her family.  The stories gathered served as a reminder of how unconditional a mother's love is and feel free to be inspired by clicking this LINK.  I hope you'll give your mom a call after reading those inspiring stories and tell her how much you love and appreciate her!  (I do that each and everyday!)

Though Mother's Day is a week over, please make everyday a special day for your mom!  They've done so much for us and the least we could do is put a smile on their face!

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