Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Sariwon and Kuppa Roastery and Cafe

Weekend food trip is back!!!
I need to be careful with what I eat as I am definitely NOT eating for 2 anymore but no one can stop me from eating my favorite Korean dish once again!  And more stomach pain when I eat spicy food!  I'm back to normal and FOOD? --- You're dead! :P

I've read and heard about Sariwon for quite some time but I wanted to make sure to take Mr. AMW with me when I dine in this restaurant.  It was perfect when Mr. AMW accompanied me for a full day meeting so the best way to keep your man happy?  Fill his stomach with food!

Sariwon was packed when we visited during lunch hour, I wasn't that hungry yet coming out from the first meeting so I let Mr. AMW do the decision making.

Everything tastes yummy!

and more..

Jeonju Bibimbap
Php300.00 (approx $7.50)
Flavorful rice mixed with sauteed vegetables and chili paste with egg on top

Chili paste hidden under the egg, the amount of chili paste was perfect for the bowl of rice!  I can taste fresh vegetables and the spiciness is just right!  Best paired with Bulgogi!

Dwaeji Galbi 
Php380.00 (approx $9.50)
Juicy grilled pork loin, savory and delicious
I can eat this grilled pork loin alone and the meat is indeed flavorful down to the inside!  Paired with fresh lettuce, it's match made in heaven!  Pork and Vegetable heaven!

Overall, the experience was great!  The servers are really friendly and helpful and I can see why everyone on Foursquare complimented their service!  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments and service charge is NOT included in the total bill.

East Block Bonifacio Hight Street Central
7th Avenue Cor. 29th Street
Taguig City

After a nice lunch, I headed for next meeting at Kuppa Roastery and Cafe (a first timer!) and I was impressed immediately by the restaurant ambiance and interiors!  A great place to relax and even meet up for meetings!

Since I've been on "Hot Chocolate" diet for the past month (after labor recovery), I've been craving for it so I've decided to order one even without looking at the menu!  The Hot Chocolate is okay, I find it more on the Cocoa tasting side rather than the real chocolate-y taste I get from other cafe place like Slice.

Mr. AMW went for Cafe Latte (Php95.00/$2.00).  As for pastries, we gave their top-sellers a try ---

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bombe
Php140.00 (approx $3.50)
Peanut butter, white chocolate mousse and choco cake covered with ganache

Blueberry Cheese Cake
Php140.00 (approx $3.50)
The cheese cake is new in their menu and I love it!  The graham-like texture crust at the bottom gives a unique "crunch" on each bite.

Salmon Affumicato

Php240.00 (approx $6.00
Open-faced smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, sour cream and dill

Mr. AMW's order, he's very happy with this and finished this without much problem!  Since I wasn't craving for eggs at the moment, I went for the crunchy potato wedges!

The servers were all friendly but they kept on serving us food that wasn't our orders!  It wasn't a huge deal though and there wasn't any problem with the billing.

Kuppa Roastery and Cafe
CommerCenter Bldg.
31st Street Corner 4th Ave
Fort Bonifacio Taguig City
Tel no: (632) 552 1057

What are you going to eat over the weekend?
Any new restaurants or cafes that's a must-try out there?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. Replies
    1. Nice to know you do, any other food recommendations?

  2. I looove Sariwon ♥

    1. Jessica, how many times have you been there? any other food reco? I may go back!

    2. Quite a few times! My favorite's the Deungsim Yangnyeom Bulgogi, it's honey marinated beef that comes with sweet potato noodles that they cook on the table. It's sweet and not really salty. If you're a barbecue lover though I'd recommend Ye Dang (another Korean resto near Metrowalk), if you haven't tried it yet :)

  3. I would love to try that open faced salmon thingy. Thanks for sharing


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