Monday, July 1, 2013

AMW Bulletin: BlueWater Day Spa's Search for BlueWater Babies

I massage my baby (gently)... a lot! 
Aside from the bonding moment, massaging my baby helps him relieve his number one enemy --- Colic!  And to some who wants professionals to relieve their babies while they have some pampering time themselves, BlueWater Day Spa came up with a Baby Massage Treatment with their family-friendly environment.  This treatment addresses the wellness needs of young infants and toddlers as they are prone to stress just like us adults!


Aside from the Baby Massage offering, BlueWater Day Spa would like to further promote the benefits of Baby Massage Treatment with a bang!

A modeling search targeting cute babies!  So if you have a cutsey-patootsie toddlers ages 6 months to 2 years old (boy and girl) and 2 years- 4years (boy and girl)...go! go! go! 

Prizes for the 4 winners include:
  • One (1) birthday kiddie spa party package for a maximum of 28 persons at BWDS - Ortigas Spa Theater worth Php20,000. (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Complimentary Ten (10) Baby Massage Treatments valid for one year worth Php3,500.00.
  • To be featured in a BWDS Ad Campaign for Baby Massage (online, print, in-store ad collaterals) with photo shoot.
This contest runs from June 6 to August 6, 2013.  So dear parents, if you want your kids to be part of this (and if your toddlers or babies are up with the fun challenge), check out this link ( for full mechanics.


Let me know if you're joining!  I'll be rooting for your tiny one!

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  1. I already join... sana manalo..thank you po!

  2. Wow!!! your post is so nice and it's presentation is very beautiful.I have already join it .

  3. Nagsend ako ng pic xa email nila.dko alam san makikits f napost nga bka cguro late na.....:'(

  4. email them and check with them na lang! goodluck


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