Friday, September 13, 2013

AMW Bulletin: #TeenWeekPH

Let's go back to memory may not be a Throwback Thursday but today is officially the start of #TeenWeekPH so I'm definitely looking back to my wonderful teenage years.

I studied in a conservative private school but looking back, I never regret it as I was as active as a bee!  I was part of a Choir (yes, I'm good at singing!  laaaaahhhhh!), an editor in our school paper, a Directress in our school Drama Guild (ahem, I'm also a good actress too *winks*), an MPFA Officer (sounds alarming but it's just a C.A.T. program, I'm a First Aider!), a member of Science and Match Club and once in my life, I was part of our batch cheerleading team and we won first prize! 

Yes, I was a very active teenager (still active now!).  But one thing I hope I get to be actively part of --- a Personal Development Program!  Lucky are students nowadays to have programs for self-esteem building, personal hygiene and personal talks about relationships, dreams, etc... These are activities I will readily join for sure if I'm still in school!

Rexona, Pond's and Cream Silk, the biggest brands of Unilever, team up to bring these fun activities in schools!  

Clockwise: Elmo Magalona (Rexona), Julia Barretto (Pond's),
Bianca Gonzales (Rexona Celebrity Ambassador), Laureen Uy (Pond's Beauty Council)
and Heart Evangelista (Pond's and Cream Silk)

In the past years, what Unilever did was go through different schools to give product samples and educate students on how to use the products.  This year, they are stepping up!  

#TeenWeekPH was born as a personal development program for high school students with the aim of powering up 1 million future-ready teens with lessons on hygiene, personality development etc...  The activities will be edutainment (Educational + Entertaining).  There will be video webisodes, advertorial-type brochures produced by CandyMag, and practical, interactive group activities to process learning. Haaaay, how I wish I'm still in school!   

Comes September 23-27, TeenWeek PH will happen simultaneously in at least 80 schools in GMA Luzon, 10 Schools in Cebu and 10 schools in Davao.  The balance of the schools will run until the end of the year and TeenWeek is hoping to activate in more schools nationwide!

Exciting right? 
As for you my dear readers, whether you are still in school or not, share to me what you wish you get to learn as a teenager.
As for me, I wish to have attended personality development classes like "It is okay to say NO".  (Gosh, I learned that quite late!).  And a skincare class would be great as believe me, I started to really look into my skincare regiment on my mid-20s.

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  1. Oh how I wish there were skincare classes too when I was still in school. I only looked into it on my 30's, waaaahhh!

    1. hahahah so mas late ka pa pala sa akiN! ako mga mid 20s to late 20s talagang nag start mag invest on skincare products!


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