Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eureka Moment: Human Nature Natural Pocket Hand Soap

Happy mid-week AMW friends!
Are you a type of person who carries loads of products inside your bag?  No matter how much you try to lessen the things you bring, it seems like your bag can't get any lighter?  

*High Five*

One of the things I can't live without is a tiny alcohol spray inside my bag, I CANNOT survive leaving home without it!  BUT, on some days, alcohol isn't enough especially for moms like me.

What if you are out with the baby and baby did number 2?  Obviously, washing your hand is a MUST and I'm sure a lot of you can relate on how stingy most public restrooms are in terms of hand soap (and even water!) :( 

Carrying a huge hand soap or liquid hand soap isn't feasible so can I share a simple EUREKA MOMENT?  

Natural Hand Soap from Human Nature!

I love the fact that they carry huge 200ml and 50ml sizes for both travel and for the household!  The handy soap on-the-go is free of chemicals thus making it safe for me and my little one!

 Back of the packaging
You see expiration date, ingredients list and I love that Human Nature products are animal cruelty-free!


I love the energizing citrus scent and I actually put this inside my baby bag to remind myself to always wash my hands even in public before I hold my baby!

Available in 2 sizes ---
200ml Php139.75
50ml Php59.75

I love the fact that it's 99.99% natural, effective in cleaning without stripping my hand's natural oil and the best of all?  It is very inexpensive so it fits the budget of everyone! 

This product definitely deserves a Eureka Moment spot!
Have you tried Human Nature's Natural Hand Soap?

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  1. high five! bakit nga kaya ang hirap magbawas ng gamit sa bag noh? hehehe....this is a nice product, very useful for my moms like us....

    1. hahah alam mo yan! now na may anak pa! mas maraming gamit pa! parang major overnight ang dating ng mga gamit pag half day out lang hahaha

  2. i wanna try this!

  3. Can you use it if you do number 2 in the public restroom? ;)

    1. Yes, that's the point of carrying handy soap in public, but of course, I pray the restroom has water! :P

  4. Can you also use this when you go number 2? ;)


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