Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Kuppa Roastery & Cafe

Happy Sunday AMW friends!  
I'm finally back with a quick food post!  I have tried Kuppa Roastery & Cafe located at the Fort Bonifacio area several times, thanks to Aubrey, from Benefit Cosmetics Philippines, for recommending me the lovely place! 

After a quick workshop with the Benefit team, we had a quick lunch at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe again!  This time, all our orders didn't fail!  I enjoyed every single meal we had!

Classic Carbonara 
Php220.00 (approx $5.00)
Pasta with bacon and egg sauce 
My favorite carbonra with bacon and egg is still at The Stock Market but unfortunately, the place is closing down so I'm on a hunt for the best Classic Carbonara again!  Share to me the best Carbonara you've tried okay? :D

Php360.00 (approx $8.18)
Their signature pizza. Mozzarella, balsamic, Gorgonzola, figs, and grapes. 
 For a healthy pizza, this tastes super good!  Very crunchy, thin crust pizza with the usual tomato sauce BUT, the unique part about this is the added sweetness from figs and grapes!  This is a hit among us!

Php395.00 (approx $8.97) 
US beef tenderloin with mushrooms sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Served with rice. 
Highly recommended by the Benefit girls and I understand why!  The pieces of beef are oh so tender and the added extra virgin olive oil  made the dish very moist and soft to bite!  The server recommended to enjoy this dish medium rare.

Of course, since I was with Mr. AMW, there's always going to be Coca-Cola while I went for Lemonade!

Overall, dining at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe has always been a positive experience for me!  I can't wait to be back the coming week for a quick meeting!  :)

Kuppa Roastery & Cafe
Commercenter Bldg
31st Street Corner 4th Avenue
Fort Bonifacio Taguig
Tel. no: (632) 623-5120

Have you dined in at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe?
Any other recommended dish you would want me to try next?

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