Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Use the ZA Impact-Full Eyes Gradation Palette (BR261)

Happy Tuesday AMW Friends!
If you follow me on Instagram (@AskMeWhats), you would notice how less of a makeup I wear nowadays!  Moms out there can definitely relate, with a baby close to you ALL the time, you wouldn't dare wear a lot of makeup especially when he loves to reach out and grab your face and lick his fingers at the same time...I know, in his eyes, I probably look like a KFC Chicken! :P

But, I am not losing this battle, I don't want to look stressed and tired (which I sometimes am or shall I say... MOSTLY am) so I still try to wear as minimal makeup as I can on days I leave home lugging baby like my li'l Beelzebub!  (Animax channel lovers can relate to this!  lol)

So back to the makeup routine, going out without "yaya" is like a major production number, I always put "fixing baby bag" plus bringing breast pump, bottles and breast milk with me the number 1 priority!  So applying makeup is definitely the last.  So I try to make my routine as simple and quick as possible and I've been using my neutral palette from ZA in BR261 a couple of times and I've decided to share a quick tip on how I use it!  

When you look back at the packaging, ZA Impact-Full Eyes Gradation palette has a quick diagram on how to use this palette, I am NOT going to follow the same diagram because...I want YOU to try different ways on using the palette that would suit your eye shape! :)

And of course, I finished it with a nice subtle blush and bright lipstick to fake that 8-hour sleep look!

Step 1:
With a fluffy brush, pick the light peach shade 

Apply the peach colored eye shadow all over the eyelid concentrating at the eyeball.

Step 2:
Using the same brush, pick the light brown shade, since this color is close to our skin tone, I like to use this to create a fake crease or to enhance the crease.

Look down and gently brush the color right across the hollow of your eyeball. 

Step 3:
Using a smaller brush, pick a good amount of dark brown eye shadow picking more color at the tip of the brush.

Create a fake crease by gently pressing the brush to feel where your brow bone ends.

Gently brush the dark brown powder creating small-v. Sweep the powder from outer corner going inwards.

Step 4:
Using the same fluffy brush, pick a small amount of the lightest shadow shade.

Gently sweep this color on your brow bone area to reduce obvious lines.  Blend blend blend!

Girls with larger lid space may opt to apply the darkest color a bit higher, in my case, or in most Asian Eyes, try NOT to apply close to the brow bone to prevent eye shadow from looking dirty and messy.  Always finish up with a liner of choice!

To create a natural-looking "flush', I picked my Bobbi Brown Illuminating Brick in Pink 

Apply starting from the hairline with a circular motion going inwards.  This technique will create a very natural blush PLUS it gives a very subtle contour.

Since my eye shadow is quite neutral same as the blush shade, I've decided to go for bright-colored lips using Estee Lauder lipstick in Glow Fuchsia!  Using bright colored lipstick is the best weapon to look "made-up" even if you're not wearing a lot of makeup!

Feel free to fix your brows, curl your lashes and apply a good amount of mascara and you're ready to go!

a photo on How To Use the ZA Impact-Full Eyes Gradation Palette (BR261)

Do you usually use up all the shades in a palette?
I actually like to use all the shades in one palette as I prefer to keep my routine quick and simple!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I haven't been visiting the drugstore aisles for some time now.. that looks fabulous!

    1. oh you should, so many cool products now for drugstore brands !

  2. I've been keeping my makeup simple these past few days too.... aw, i guess it's part of being a mom, hihihi....

  3. no matter what I do I just can't put on my eyeshadow the right way, it always ends up messy and sometimes it even looks like a blackeye! lol :((

    1. Practice practice practice Hanny, I used to feel the same :D

    2. Also use the correct brushes :) to get great results


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