Friday, December 13, 2013

AskMeMom: My Red Ribbon Tale

Truth be told, Red Ribbon has always been my choice of cake when I was young, I remember my siblings and I would pitch in our allowance to celebrate my mom's birthday, dad's birthday or their anniversary with a tub of ice cream and a cake from Red Ribbon.  Because for us, a "party" doesn't have to be big, it definitely doesn't require expensive food and drinks, for us, the real celebration includes the presence of the people you love and the idea of eating good food together.

Now that I'm a mom, I think I carried that trait of creating "mini" celebration every now and then!  So with Kyle around, I have more reasons to celebrate and that includes his monthly birthday!  Mr. AMW and I made it a point to set our busy schedule aside and just have a small celebration with a cake and candle and a whole lot of singing (Happy Birthday Song in different languages! lol)

Then looking back at the photos taken, 6 out of 7 cakes were from Red Ribbon!  (Kyle is 7 months old)

Happy Kyle Excited with his 5th Month Birthday Cake

4th month Birthday cake

The most recent 7th Month Birthday Cake
Our favorite Mocha Cake!

Now that his 8th month birthday is coming, Mr. AMW and I would usually look at each other again and say: "What's the next cake?  Mocha ulit?" Well, I guess this month's birthday cake has been answered!  I read that Red Ribbonhas leveled up their Black Forest Cake with even more chocolate shavings, chocolate filling and a chocolatier cake!  This is also a perfect cake not only for Kyle's 8th Month Birthday but also for the coming Noche Buena and Media Noche!


Yes, my parents and Keith's parents are allowed to have sweets this Christmas Season!  Goodbye diet muna! 

And fellow mommies?  Red Ribbon created a Red Ribbon Tale!  It is an animated short story that tells the adventures of Emman inside the Chocolate Forest where whimsical characters accompany him as he discovers what makes this Chocolate Forest "special".  This is a very heartwarming tale that celebrates the importance of sharing and family so this is a perfect "bonding film" for you and your little one. 

And last but not the least, since we're still talking about the Christmas Season, Red Ribbon also created E-Cards, they can be downloaded directly from Red Ribbon Website to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them! 

Red Ribbon Facebook Page

Red Ribbon Youtube Channel


What's your favorite Red Ribbon Cake?

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  1. I super love coffee crunch and Tiramisu meltdown....awwww, I am now craving for a cake because of this post, hihihi....

    1. same here Issa! Sarap ng Coffee Crunch and I just recently tried the Tiramisu and I love it!


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