Saturday, December 21, 2013

For Him: This Christmas

Ooohhh Christmas is a few days away!  Are you panicking (like me) as you haven't completed your Christmas shopping list yet?  *talking to you and to myself*  RELAX....there will be always something special for your friends and loved ones!  Just sit down, list down the names and their "likes".  You'll definitely pass the "gift giving" exam with flying colors!

Every year, I find it most difficult to buy gifts for my guy friends and family!  Would you believe how creative I am in giving gifts?  It is a choice of A or B? A. T-shirts B. Fragrance !  *laughs*

Come on, you have to agree with me that t-shirt really is a no-brainer gift giving idea for the men in our lives!

Today, I will be adding a Letter C!  :P  Let's face it, most guys and girls are into music, I remembered gifting my older brother a speaker way back and I saw how much he uses it!  That's when I realized if you plan to spend a bit, why not buy them unique speakers for their listening pleasure?

I recently chanced upon 2 unique speakers from Native Union....

Nude Audio S

and Monocle

Nude Audio comes in 3 sizes, S (available in wired and unwired), M and L, the one I got is S and unwired (Bluetooth).  You can pick either black or white but for the guys, I believe they would appreciate black more than the latter!

With a cute orange string on the side, this makes the speaker portable and this works with smartphones, tablets and other players with Bluetooth wireless technology.  If you have non-Bluetooth device?  Fret no more as you can also connect the device via the Aux-in socket.

The texture of the speaker is rubberized so you don't have to worry about scratch though you only need to wipe this once in awhile as dusts get attracted to the rubber texture.  

The thickness of Nude Audio S

Back side of Nude Audio S

Fits the palm of my hand!  I can take this along easily and I Baby AMW actually enjoys listening to his songs with this speaker!  The quality of sound is nice and crisp, of course, for a small speaker, you do not expect "Surround Sound" but you definitely get clear sounds without any static or noise!

Nude Audio S costs Php1,990.00 (approx $46.27).  Available at Beyond The Box, Astrovision and Digital Walker branches.  Feel free to check out for a cool video.

Okay, Nude Audio could get a bit too cute for the "pa cool" guys out there, well, we have something for them!  I recently chanced upon a super cool speaker that left me puzzled at first glance (babae kasi ako) :P

Native Union Monocle

At first glance, you  may think that the manufacturer forgot the other half of your headphone!  How do you stick this to your ear?

Well, you don't have to!  The Monocle comes with a loopy cord that's meant to be tied on a bag (if he uses one), his pants or if he doesn't care what other people think --- his wrists!  This is a speaker that you can definitely take with you ANYWHERE you want your music to be available! 

And since guys like anything that has multi-function, well, the Monocle fits the bill!  This can be used as a handset or speakerphone as well!  How?  When the Monocle is connected to the phone, you just click a button to answer your calls!  So far, I've tested this out via Skype call with my mom, I only need to leave this on top of the table and I do not need to lean close to it, my mom told me she can hear me clearly!  YAY!  This is one feature that makes most speakers hide in shame! :D

As for the sound quality, it is the same as the Nude Audio S.  Do not expect surround sound with the size of this device and the size of the room you are in!  But for a handy-dandy speaker and handset that can make any guy or girl looks cool and happy?  Definitely Worth It!

A simple twist will turn on the device.

Monocle costs Php2,750.00 (approx $63.95).  Available at Astrovision/Astroplus, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Mobile1.  For more info, visit:

For this Christmas Season, which among the 2 will you purchase for the guys in your life?

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(Products received for PR purpose. Opinions 100% mine. Please purchase at your own discretion.)

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