Friday, December 27, 2013

Readers' Corner: Instant "Glow" For the Holiday

Happy Friday AMW Friends!
I recently got emails from readers asking me tips on how to look "different but not too different" this season!  Wow, that's a difficult question to ponder!  After thinking hard over the holidays *Laughs* (You guys give good exams and all of you got me thinking!) 

I know what you  mean about looking "Different but not too different", I mean there are changes in our lives that we want to be fixing your brows, enhancing the color of your hair, changing your lipstick color or wearing falsies.  When people ask you: "You look different!  Good kind of different!"  Then you can answer: "Really?  It must be my inner glow!"  *lol*  Okay, not everyone is as thick-faced as I am but a little bit of confidence for the coming year won't hurt!  Right?

Though busy, I still thought of some super simple and easy steps to enhance your beauty and give yourself an instant glow yet subtle enough for others (especially guys) to even notice!  Okay, some are quite obvious (like the polish tip) but is not like you cut your hair drastically or you changed your hair color from black to neon green! :P

Instant Glow Tip # 1
Use highlighters!  One of the easiest highlighter for me is a blush that has a bit of sparkles!  Once that I could think of on top of my head is the Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick in Pink.

This comes with shades: Pink beige, Blushing Pink, Pink Champagne, Cool Pink, Light Rose Pink and Icy Pink! 

 Though pricey, this palette is worth it as this doubles up as a blush/highlighting powder and eyeshadows!  I mean if you want to sparkle, you can do that all the way!

 As for application, I like to swirl a brush all over 6 shades and apply this on areas on my face that I would like to highlight!  Using this on my cheekbones may look nothing but I get compliments that my skin is glowing (in a non-sparkling way).

If you want a more obvious glow, you can choose my favorite Benefit High Beam which I reviewed HERE.  I love this so much I got the full size after trying out the sample size! 

By the way, if you have medium to darker skin tone, go for Sun Beam! :)

Instant Glow Tip # 2
Change your polish shade!  Okay, if you want a drastic change, you may pick a neon colored polish like that from BYS called BYS Reactive Nail Enamel!  If you're not comfortable enough changing the way you apply makeup, you can always start with nail polish and if this is too much for you!  Try putting this on your toenails instead! :)  Trust me, you'll get stares! :D

 Instant Glow Tip # 3
 Okay, you have a "default" eye makeup that you mastered!  You don't want to mess it up by changing your application style as the Holiday season isn't the best time to "experiment" with makeup as it is the time for picture taking!  Fret not, the best tip to enhance your eye makeup application is to use loose powders and press a bit at the center of your lid for a nice "glow" whenever you blink!  I like PAC Powder Eye Shadow and they are very fine and highly pigmented!  Wear them alone or on top of your favorite eyeshadow combination!

L-R Lemon Grass, No. 08 and No. 07

Instant Glow Tip #4
Okay, the last tip isn't instant but you can start as early as today!  Use skincare that's meant to "brighten" your skin!  I recently chanced a brand called BIOKOS and they have a set called Biokos Derma Bright.  The sample set comes with an Intensive Brightening Serum, Intensive Brightening Day Cream SPF25 and Intense Brightening Night Cream!  Biokos actually comes with a total of 5 products to help brighten the skin without adverse effect (please do a patch test before trying out new skincare regimen).  For more information, visit, Facebook page (

If you have the budget, one of the best brightening skincare product line that I have tried is from Shiseido!  (Shiseido Ibuki)

These are so many ways to brighten up and glow this season!  
Any other "brightening ideas" out there? I'd love to hear from you!
(The best tip may win something from me!) YAY

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Great tips! I will def take note of these tips. I am thinking of changing this coming year just for a change =)

  2. These are great tips. I love High Beam too, it gives my skin a beautiful glow!

    Happy holidays!

  3. Your posts about High Beam make me want to get my hands on one already! :D Personally, I use CC cream and a cheek and lip tint to get an instant glow. When all else fails, I just think of happy thoughts. This might not make me fly, but it will surely make me glow. :)


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