Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Wonder: How Adventurous Are You? (Hair Edition)

Hi everyone!  It is a gorgeous Thursday today!  The day keeps getting busier each day, though tired, I am loving every moment of 2014!  There are just so many happenings the first quarter of the year so I can't wait for the next!  

Today, I have a question I've been meaning to ask you for quite some time!  I took time because I need to find photos just to prove a point!  *laughs*  Okay, it wasn't easy for me to find old digital photos of myself as I realized I'm a "Kodak" girl!  "Kodakan" days using "Kodak" films *hahaha*

Let's talk about hair!  Though my hair really isn't my "crowning glory" as it isn't the hair shampoo commercial type.  I still love them dearly and I make sure to take care of them!  I have spent a lot on hair products and God knows the sacrifices I've done just to save money to purchase hair styling products!

What's my signature cut?  Ask anyone from my "school" days and they would say: "Short with bangs".  No wonder I'm called "The Bangs Girl".

Okay, I can't seem to find my grade school photos but my hair technically looks the same as the photos below!  *laughs*

First photo upper left, I had bangs, I just clipped it because I was just experimenting, and the end part?  My bangs won! :P

After my "studious" days, I guess I got tired of the "above the shoulder" or shoulder-length hair so when I started working, I've decided to grow my hair long (thanks to Rebonding service) and went for serious layers!  For years, I had my hair either long or a bit below the shoulder!  I bid full bangs goodbye and sported side fringe!  I did play around with hair colors as well, yet I never went for wild hair color!  In these years, I also enjoy styling my hair and experimented on curls (with the use of flat and curling irons).

The most I did to change the look of my hair?  Going for full bangs again!  (Photo below was taken last year).  But seriously, I'm boring when it comes to hair!

That's were inspiration struck for my hair-related I Wonder post:
"How Adventurous Are YOU when it comes to your hair?"

Click comment and share to us your hair adventures!

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  1. oh my, you wouldn't believe what hairstyles I did before when I was still in high school up to college! I used to have short hair during that time and I did the Demi Moore (Ghost movie) hairstyle, to pixie cut (sadly, it's not the effect I wanted, it doesn't look nice on my hair. tumatayo ang hair ko e, gusto ko sanang effect yung katulad nung kay Julia (of Bless My Bag) and there was even a time that my hair was only 1 or 1 1/2 inch (sort of semi-kalbo na for women parang kay Cacai V.), hihihi... I was that adventurous! But then I got boring or maybe I just wanted to try the long hair kasi the longest I had before was up to shoulders lang e. And now, I'm missing the short hair again, parang gusto ko na magpagupit uli ng short in preparation for summer but I'm still thinking kasi baka hindi na bagay sa akin.

    1. wow, feeling ko bagay sayo Demi Moore pixie cute, I never get to that type of hair, super takot ako! The shortest talaga would be below the ear, that's it!

      wow SEmi kalbo? You are sooo adventurous with your hair !kolaka ka! you don't look like the type! :D

  2. I'm also boring when it comes to my hair. I have NEVER had my hair colored, for fear of damaging my hair. The most extreme that I did with my hair, besides cutting my hair neck-length, was to have it rebonded before I graduated in college (with my mom's prodding). True enough, my hair was straight and gorgeous up front but crazy frizzy on the parts near the nape. Ayun, parang medyo natakot na akong magpa-rebond -- pero naka-tatlong ulit pa ako ng rebond after that (hahaha!). Type kong magpahaba ng hair ng beyond the bust line pero parang hindi ko ma-achieve sa hindi ko malamang dahilan. LOL!

    1. well, once you get a rebond, ang hirap na nga talagang mag stop, parang drugs lang! hahah not unless you let your hair grow then have your hair tied up all the time, which of course, nakakalungkot! :)

      I like to have very long hair too but I really can't! may limit din, longest would be sa bra line :D

  3. you look cute with those bangs! Well i have had long hair with side bangs for over 10 years in my life ever since i was in 5th of elementary until last January i realized i needed a change in my hair. So i cut them off like 6-7 inches long, now i have short to medium length hair and i have no regret for done that :D

    1. good for you you cut your hair short for a change and live by it! no regrets of course! and hair grow out naman! Though I have to keep telling myself that as I have boring hairstyle for quite some time :D

  4. childhood: full bangs, braided back then siopao with net ;) very oiled and clean look haha
    mostly: long hair
    hair teens: above the shoulder hair para pagtapos ng long summer trip mahaba na! haha. wash n' wear layered look
    quarter-life: semi-kalbo no. 2 hair, refreshing and off to a new start ;) think natalie portman haha, grew it out parang pixie look
    wala lang after: curly-curly all over then i grew it out, cut some para sa baba na lang
    ngayon: back to straight, layered, trim-trim
    wish ko lang: moehawk! and purple hair wahaha.

    1. wow, it doesn't show! super adventurous ka pala sa hair!!! Can't imagine mohawk and purple hair are you even serious? hahahaha


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