Monday, May 5, 2014

I Wonder: Do You Splurge for your Baby's Shoes?

Hi fellow mommies!
How are you?  I have this question that has been bugging me for months!  Well, I'm one of those "practical" moms who know when to splurge or save!  I guess I got that from my mom and dad who did an amazing job raising all 4 of us!  A lot of you may think Baby AMW is spoiled because he's my only child.  As surprising as it may sound, you're wrong!  I guess I grew up with a strict mom and dad who made me learn the value of money at an early age and I want to instill that on my son!

Do you agree?

So back to my I Wonder topic!  Mr. AMW and I are quite lucky to have friends and family who were so nice to give us hand-me-downs on clothes, toys and shoes!  I don't mind splurging a bit on clothing especially when he needs to attend a party especially HIS own party!  *laughs*  but when it comes to shoes, I used to be a firm believer of "NOT SPLURGING" on shoes as everyone knows how fast they outgrown their shoes!

But as soon as Baby AMW is starting to walk, I realized, a good pair of shoes can actually make a whole lot of difference!  Here are my top 3 for Baby AMW and I'll tell you why it's worth splurging even just a pair!  I got 3 because 2 out of 3 were gifted to us by Baby AMW's Godparent (Thanks Ninang!).

Skechers Sport Super Z

As bulky as this look, this is one of the most lightweight shoes Kyle has and he learned to walk with this pair of shoes! 

The inside of the shoes are well padded so it won't hurt his delicate feet even without socks!  I  mean seriously, there are times your baby just wanted to walk right there and then!  You just don't have time to wrestle on both socks and shoes, right?

And the velcro strap makes it extremely easy to tighten up the shoe!  I can literally help him wear his shoes in less than a minute (you know how impatient babies are!)

Stride Ride Sandals
 Kyle's first ever sandals!  Another winner in Mommy AMW's dictionary as this is perfect for summer!  Enough holes to prevent sweaty feet and well padded for the little one not to feel any scratches.

You have to agree that this pair of shoes is photogenic! 

And of course, a velcro strap is always a winner in my "baby shoe shopping" dictionary!

DC Kids
 This pair is a tad bit big but I can imagine Kyle wearing this for "porma" days maybe around his 18th month! 

I call this his "adult" shoes as it is time for him to graduate from velcro to shoe laces!  

I still love the fact that the shoes are still well padded and not heavy at all!

Though most of the shoes I mentioned are gifted to Baby AMW, I wouldn't mind splurging at least 1 pair of shoes for my little one especially when he reached a year old!  I call it investment for him to practice his "walking", "a bit of running" and "dancing" skills! 

Fellow Mommies:
I wonder: "Do you splurge or save for your baby's shoes?"

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  1. Wow my son is 8 yo and I am still buying him shoes with Velcro. >.<.

    1. I'd probably do the same! velcro is sooo convenient!

  2. My first shoe splurge for my two-year-old baby girl happened yesterday. We bought a pair of walking shoes from Nao Brasil. It's around P2,600. She loves walking now so hubby and I thought she needs a better pair. Sana magamit nya until next year. Mahal eh. lol.

    1. awww! i'm sure it's worth it! and by that age kahit papano, medyo mabagal ang growth! Grabe yung mga first few months! growth spurt kung growth spurt! Let's pray nga na magagamit shoes na yan kahit at least a year para sulit :D


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