Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How To: Sparkly Minus the Jingle Bells Look

Okay, before I hear any negative reactions, spare my "pa-cute" cover photo!  This look was actually inspired by my "teen" and young readers!  Well...readers who are "young at hearts" like moi can also sport this look to look fresh and young this summer!

This look was inspired by my Laneige Winterland Magic Makeup Collection which I got last Christmas!  That explains the title of this blog post!  I am not the type who would wear "glittery" eyeshadow just because it is Christmas!  So I guess I'm one hardheaded Makeup artist who decides to pick this palette up just when the heat was turning up!  

A step-by-step guide on how I created my "feeling teen" cover photos!

Prep and prime your base!  I applied a thin layer of foundation focusing on areas that needed the coverage most!  That includes my undereye area and sides of the nose and leave the rest almost foundation-less!  That gives my skin a room to breathe especially this summer!

I fixed my brows the AMW way.  Read related brow posts here ---
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Using a flat shader brush, I packed the brush with Pearl Coral eyeshadow which is a light peach shadow with loads of glitters.

Gently press the eyeshadow all over my lid.

Tip: Don't worry about fall outs!  The added glitter on the lashes can make your lashes appear fuller once you apply mascara!

With a blending brush, apply Pearl Khaki (gold/green shadow with gold sparkles) on the crease area for contour.

Using the remaining Pearl Khaki left on the brush, apply this color on the outer thirds of your lower lashline.

Using a pencil brush, apply Pearl Pink (Peachy Pink with gold/silver sparkles) at the center of the lid for an instant "brightening effect".

Last but not the least, apply Pearl Light Pink on the inner corners of your eyes. 

Everything may look messy at this stage with all the glitters scattered everywhere!  With a big powder brush, gently brush off excess fall outs and apply liner.  I used K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner in Black.

 Since your eye makeup is on the "glitter" side, you might as well create a "winter-like" cheeks!  To complement the "cool" weather look, I mixed Ellana Lip and Cheek Stain with Benefit's High Beam.  If you have darker skin tone, feel free to mix this Lip and Cheek Stain with Benefit's Sun Beam.

Apply your unique blush shade using your fingers with a patting motion.
This is one secret to "Korean Glow" minus the oily look!

I step back and check my eyeshadow, once happy, I finish this look with coats of mascara!  I used MAC Studio Sculpt Lash in Black.

Since the eyes and lips complement each other, I won't ruin the look by using matte lipsticks!  Instead, I've created gradient lips since my lips are full!  If you have small and thin lips, a simple gloss will do!

In this tutorial, I used MAC Lip Glass in Style-Packed and MAC Mineralized Rich Luxe Natural.


I also added Ellana Lip and Cheek Stain at the center of my lips for a rosier effect.

Finished eye makeup


Full Face Shot

The look is perfect for the summer plus it works for women of all ages! 
Let me know how you like this look and feel free to request for my next tutorials!

Thanks for reading!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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