Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Initial Thoughts: Maybelline Eye Studio Fashion Brow Mascara

Brow Mascaras...
I am addicted to them like chocolates!  I survived going to Japan and purchased only a few makeup items...and you guessed it right!  They're mostly brow mascaras in various shades!  Here in the Philippines, the famous brow mascara is from MAC called Girl Boy...I find the shade perfect for girls with "reddish tint" on their hair but for girls like me who enjoys highlights or lighter colored hair, it is very difficult to find an almost blond colored brow mascara so I had to shop online or purchase them whenever I get to travel!

Thankfully, our favorite drugstore brand Maybelline FINALLY came up with their own version called FASHION BROW MASCARA!  I can't contain myself as the price point is wonderful!  For only Php359.00 each (approx $8.00)!  I can easily get all 3 shades without thinking twice!  P.S. I'm not rich!  It's just that I spend at least Php1,000 on a SINGLE brow mascara!

Housed on a sleek black "short mascara-like" packaging with shades easily spotted with the color-coordinated circle.

Shade: Yellow Brown

The shade Yellow Brown is equivalent to "blonde" in other Japanese mascara brands!  This is my favorite shade of all as I enjoy adjusting the color of my brows by lightening it up then filling it in with brow powder to get the right color that I want!  Even on clients, I enjoy using the lightest brow mascara and adjust as I move along!

Shade: Red Brown

Red Brown is similar to Mac's Girl Boy.  This shade is perfect for girls who colored their hair red!  I was a red-haired girl once and it was almost a decade ago!  I looked weird with dark brows on fiery red hair!  I wish this product is available back then!

Shade: Dark Brown

Dark brown is best for girls who have dark brown hair or girls who never colored their hair!  This brow mascara does not only give a nice tint of color on your brows but it can make your brows appear thicker as it coats every brow strands. 

As a makeup artist, I can use Dark Brown on my mature clients who have almost non-existent brows but dyed their hair dark brown or black!  This is a perfect tool to make them look younger with thicker, natural-looking brows!

After a week of usage (I used Yellow Brown most of the time), I find theball-like tip applicator is perfect for me to reach out to all corners of my brow hairs.  The brow mascara is definitely build-able and long-lasting as it stays on my brows until makeup removal!

On the downside is the fact that I can't seem to see how much product I have left!  I prefer my brow mascaras to be housed in a clear packaging!

Have you seen Maybelline Eye Studio Fashion Brow Mascaras around?
Which shade are you eyeing for?

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