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The Reason Behind Benefit's Grand Launch in San Francisco/ Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review

Hi AMW friends!

Remember my US trip last March?  I've written a couple of posts reporting my days on one of the most exciting days of my life as a Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger.

A Benefit Loot landed on my lap and my "makeup application" was never the same since that fateful day!  For the first time in AMW history, I picked the product inside, USED it even without taking a photo!  I knew I can't wait until May 1st to reveal it to you so I might as well test the product right there and then!  2 weeks in the US and the rest of the days here in very hot, oven-roasting humid Manila!  I actually had this product inside my makeup kit but vouched myself not to show it to my friends until TODAY!  Yes, I was held hostage in the US, I can't tell until today OR ELSE... :P

 Are you excited?
I can't HEAR YOU!!!!!!

The newest Benefit product from They're Real line can help make me create looks (below) in less than 10 minutes!  YUP!  4 looks in 10 minutes less! 

And obviously, the photo below doesn't look like my lips! :P

How special is Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner for Benefit Cosmetics USA to invite press and makeup artists from 40 countries?

It must be very special!  Let me tell you why!

International Beauty Mastermind, Julie Bell, EVP of Global Marketing, who also worked side-by-side with co-founders Jean and Jane Ford for over a decade said that she gets ideas for new products with what the customer needs.  Over five years ago at a brainstorming meeting, Bell shared her biggest personal beauty dilemma of lining her eyes which I agree a lot of you have issues with!  The team studied the evolution of eyeliners --- from wood pencils (hard), pot gels (messy and requires a separate brush), felt tip pens (dries out quickly) etc...

Even Hannah Mallot, Creative Director of Benefit Cosmetics USA agreed that eyelining is the most difficult to apply, very intimidating especially for first-time makeup wearers.

That's why Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner is, according to them, the answer to makeup virgins and professionals alike!

What makes Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner unique?
  • The matte, black gel formula is long-lasting and waterproof.
  • It's a gel formula in a pen.
  • The innovative AccuFlex tip easily hugs your lash line from corner to corner.  
 During the launch, they shared that there were around 200-250 prototypes to create the best tip to dispense the gel.  The tip reminded me so much of the material used on car wipers, imagine how flexible that is?  No wonder this tip and body is patent-pending!

A closer look at the rubberized tip:
AccuFlex tip is flexible and easy to deal with making it easy to move around the tip to stay close to the lashline. 

With just a few clicks, the gel is dispensed for you to line your eyes.  No need for extra brush!
I believe the company also ensured the right amount of formula is dispensed with each twist.

Matte Black Gel Liner oozes out from the AccuFlex tip.

Drew random lines and curves on my hand.

I have to be honest, I had this notion on taking EXTRA time and care when I apply my eyeliner and I did the same during my first try on Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner.  After years of perfecting my pencil liners, liquid liners and gel liners, I find it really "new" to use something as simple as a pen!  After several use, I realized that you don't need to over think and just glide as you wish!

With a few more practice, I easily flip the angle of the tip from time to time for me to stay close to the line.  As Benegals would say: "The closer the line, the bigger and sexier the eye!"

A little goes a long way so I always ended up using a few amount of Push-Up Liner on each eye.  As for my personal tip: Wipe off excess product on a clean cloth or tissue paper AFTER every use so you get "fresh" gel liner on your next click!

Some PROS that I can share after using this liner for a month ---
  • Waterproof.
  • Cuts eye lining half the time.
  • Great formulation + unique applicator = Ease of application.
  • Easy to use for both professionals and non-professionals.
  • As compared to gel liners housed on a pot, this doesn't dry out.
  • Can be used on the lower lash line without hurting my eyes.
  • The tip is very soft and comfortable to use.  I never shed a tear using this.
  • For professional MUA like me, I can use this on clients as I can easily wipe off the tip and spritz with alcohol.
  • Easy to tote along because of its' pen-type packaging.
  • No eye allergies or irritations.
  • Approved by top Makeup Artists from France, Korea, UK and Hong Kong.
CONS ---
  • Only 1 shade available for now.
  • Though very easy to use (imagine holding a pen), it still takes a bit of practice especially for users who are used to pencils and brushes.
  • Though this product has been tested all over the world especially on monolids, there may still be  possibilities of smudging on individuals who have EXTREMELY oily lids.
I've been very excited creating various eyeliner looks from simple to Avant Garde.  I can't wait to use this more on my future FOTDs!

How do you find the newest Push-Up Liner from Benefit?
Did this product caught your attention?

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  1. OMG! Saw this on youtube and I soo want it! :)

  2. Wow! This is awesome! I love eyeliners! You are so lucky to be the first one to use it Miss Nikki. :)

    1. I know :) I thank God for such blessings! :) Thanks dear!

  3. Where can we get it here in Manila again? :) thanks!

    1. Will be available at benefit Stores locally (Trinoma, SM MOA, Rustans Makati, Rustans Shangri-la)


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