Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Dessert: Twelve Cupcakes

How do you enjoy your cupcakes?
Well me, it's a tiny bit different as compared to other food!  I make sure to stare at them for at least a good 5 minutes before I start devouring them!  Why?  Well, desserts are meant to make you feel happy!  I don't do dessert on EVERY meal so when I have the luxury of having one, I make sure to make it worthwhile!

Just by looking at Twelve Cupcakes, it is definitely worth the second and third stare (not glance!) :P

I've heard about Twelve Cupcakes from my friend Emily, she raved about these cupcakes so much she got me intrigued!  My sister-in-law also raved about their Red Velvet cupcakes which turned out to be their bestseller!

Twelve Cupcakes is actually the Number One Cupcakery in Singapore known to give only the freshest gourmet cupcakes!  What's unique about Twelve Cupcakes is that they have over 50 flavors to choose from ranging from Everyday Flavors to Special Flavors. Special Flavors are those cupcakes made available only a specific day!  Let's say, do you want to eat their Chocolate Caramel Pecan?  Well you have to wait for Friday to enjoy that!  Green Tea Chocolate on a Tuesday, Nutella on a Monday!  

Here are my Twelve Cupcakes Goodies!  
1st Row L-R Chocolate Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Rainbow Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla
2nd row L-R Lychee Martini, Vanilla Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, Cookies and Cream
3rd row L-R Chocolate Chocolate, PB Jelly, Rainbow Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla

These cupcakes are baked specially tailored to the Asian Palate and what I appreciate more about these cupcakes?  The fluffy and moist cakes that is not overly sweet!  Though desserts are mostly fattening, it is great news for me to learn that these are baked 30% less sugar than other cupcakes available in the market so it is definitely OKAY to give in to your sweet cravings!  

My favorite amongst the Twelve Cupcakes I tried as of the moment (as I haven't tried everything yet) is their Red Velvet (not shown on photo as I devoured it right away!), I also like Chocolate Chocolate which isn't too sweet at all!  As for their Special Flavors, I can't wait to try Mudslide, Mango, Coffee Walnut, Blackforest and Carrot Cake!

For more Twelve Cupcakes info and menu, visit Facebook (Twelve Cupcakes Philippines), Twitter (@12cupcakesPH) and Instagram (@Twelvecupcakesph).

I wish I learned about them earlier on for Baby AMW's first birthday party!  They offer Cupcakes for Every Occasion (surprises, parties, gatherings, baby showers, baby full moon party, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, company meetings and corporate functions)

Visit Twelve Cupcakes Branches and share to me your favorite flavor/s!
  • SM BF 
  • Century City Mall
    SM Mall of Asia
  • Lucky Chinatown
By the way, I checked their FB page and they have an ongoing contest for Father's Day!  Please join as you may win some goodies for your dad! :D

Enjoy eating!  Happy Sunday!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. I've passed by a couple of times at their MOA Branch but never got to try! Now I'm curious about their red velvet and lychee martini. Next time I'm at MOA i'll definitely try those!

    x Francesca of

    1. hey I just passed by there again and learned they give out free samples to try! If you happen to pass by again, ask for samples! :D


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