Wednesday, July 2, 2014

AMW Makeovers: Sisters of the Bride and Groom

Sis Mhean, as I fondly call her, is a Filipina Blogger-friend based in Singapore whom I finally met in person when hubby and I visited Singapore almost 3 years ago!  She does flawless makeup application and she's a professional makeup artist herself!  That's why when she messaged me on Facebook asking me to do her sister's makeup and the rest of her family, I had this huge questioning look: "Why me?" 

I'm touched and happy at the same time for her to trust me on her sister's most important day!  Of course, I said yes!  And it was a wonderful decision because I made new friends and enjoyed this gig so much!  Thank you so much Mhean for the trust and it was great meeting your wonderful family!

Mhean Before and After
Skin type: Combination (Normal/Oily)
Request: Natural makeup look
Mhean, of course, as a Beauty Blogger, is very experimental with her looks and she is very comfortable with strong eye makeup!  Since it was her sister's special day, she wanted the spotlight to be on her sister and go for a toned-down makeup look instead.  Her wish is my command!  I had a "fresh" makeup peg on top of my head that is perfect for her and I hope she liked it!

I prepped her skin with an oil-control primer and Benefit Porefessional prior to foundation application. I spot conceal some redness around her cheeks and highlighted her undereye area as she was tired from the trip the day before.  I defined her brows with brow powder mixing dark and light brow powders for a natural effect and used browns and beige for her eye makeup.  

I went for bronzer to keep her skin looking healthy and fresh and went for a baby pink lipstick as it is the secret to looking 5 years younger! :D  Not that Mhean looks old but nakakabata talaga ang baby pink lips!

More makeovers for the Bride's Sisters.

Sister 2 Before and After
Skin type: Combination (Dry and Oily)
Request: None
For someone who has a Beauty Blogger as a sister, sister 2 is the opposite.  She is not into makeup and is clueless with what she wants!  I suggested to keep her makeup clean and natural since she has a toddler with her.  I focused on her skin and created a very clean and smooth canvass by making sure to hide redness around her nose and cheeks.  As for her eyes, I used a combination of black, brown and pink and complemented the rest of her face with a matte pink blush and deep reddish pink lipstick.  She actually loved the lipstick shade!

 Sister 3 Before and After
Skin type: Normal
Request: None
Sister 3 is actually the groom's sister.  I met her during trial makeup and immediately thought of a look that would suit her!  Since her face is a shade darker than the rest of her body, I advised her (as for her not to be shocked) that I will be using foundation that is a shade or 2 lighter than the usual.  Her skin is quite flawless so I just mattify the rest of her face by using an oil-control setting powder especially on the T-zone.  Her eye makeup is very natural as I play around with copper and browns.  I gave her a simple peachy-pink blush and matched with the same lipstick shade.

Sister 4 Before and After
Skin type: Normal
Request: None
Pregnant and glowing even without makeup, I've decided not to cover her pretty face with too much makeup!  Instead, I highlighted the center of her face and lifted her cheekbones with a contouring powder.  Her eye makeup consists mostly of matte colored eyeshadow defining the shape of her eyes with a dark brown gel liner.  

Same with Mhean, I used bronzer as blush and for the lips, I used a chocolate red lipstick shade that helped enhance her morena looks! 

Which among the makeovers above is your favorite?

Thanks to my clients for the trust, I really enjoyed prettifying my clients!

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  1. ang galing mo tlga sis sexy nikki!!i love mhean's look!

    1. SIS! Kinilig ako sa "Sexy" nikki hahahahah It was great seeing you last week! Nice chikahan with you!! I'll see you again ha at chikahan tayo ulit! MWA ;x


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