Tuesday, July 1, 2014

AMW Reports: Marie France's Sexier You Event (I tried i.Lipo!)

I used to be "exercise-crazed"!  You won't believe it when I say I'm in the gym 6 times a week doing both Cardio and Muscle-training workouts!  And it was a minimum of 4 hours a day and sometimes?  On days we can't go to the gym?  Me and my sister go home doing home-exercise videos ranging from Tae Bo, Yoga, Pilates, Kung-Fu, Zumba, MTV The Grind, etc..

We were that "buff'd" in the past and I kinda miss the strong, energized feeling!  

Now, I'm out of shape!  I seriously am!  After getting pregnant and giving birth to Baby AMW, I'm on ZERO exercise.  The only exercise I get for now is running after Baby AMW!  So when I got an invite to Marie France's I.Lipo launch, I had to muster my courage to give this a try as I need all the help I can get to lose that last 5-8 pounds and tighten that jiggly tummy! 

When you visit Marie France, there will always be a consultation first to see which particular treatment would work for you.  To monitor your body and health, a Tanita Body Composition Analyzer was used.  It is a high tech machine to lets you know the total percentage of fat, fat mass, muscle mass, BMI and even Metabolic Age.

Okay, before you judge me, I did say I have ZERO workout now so my body definitely isn't at its' best!

I am actually not overweight or underweight but I definitely lack exercise!  My right side of the body is stronger and my metabolic age is actually my age!  Thank GOD it's not older!  But to those who exercise regularly, their metabolic age is lower than their real age!  

*sigh*  This is a wake up call for me to start exercising!

Same as me, Marie France's endorser DJ Delamar, a fellow mommy who realized she has to gain the confidence she lost when her son blurted: "Wow Mommy...Big Tummy!"  We all know kids don't lie so that's definitely a wake up call not only to her but to all of us who thinks motherhood is the end of our healthy lifestyle!  It is always easy to make an excuse on how busy we are taking care of our kids (GUILTY!), but it is actually just setting our priorities!  I saw her in person and I kid you not when I say, she's even slimmer than she was before she became a mom!

Because Marie France introduces their newest Body-Shaping Laser treatment called i.Lipo, the guests were all treated with healthy drinks, fruits and yoghurt! 

After a bit of catching up with Bea and NJ from Marie France and fellow bloggers, it was my turn to try on Marie France's world-class services!

I have to tell you, the feeling was a mixture of excitement and fear!  Yes, I am a sissy when I hear the word LIPO even if it is non-invasive and painless. 

Okay, I had to post this cute outfit before I go into fat-reducing treatments!  *laughs* 

For the first time, I tried Marie France's Cold Wrap (Fat Mobilization System ).  This is said to be developed in Switzerland and proven to help accelerate the body's natural biochemical process and enzyme activity and promotes real fat elimination.  

Okay, I was messaging my good friend Angela of Lush Angel on how I easily breezed through the first 5 minutes, I told her: "Easy lang pala!".  Then, I spoke too soon!  It definitely gets colder by the minute and I literally had to warm myself up by walking inside the room!  *laughs*  

After FMS, I was able to try their Depilex Physique Ultima, this machine is like your ultimate "workout" machine but all you need to do is to lay down!  I get 2,500 sit ups and all I did was close my eyes and enjoy the massage-like movements done by the machine!

Then, last and the most exciting part?  i.Lipo!

i.Lipo is their lastest breakthrough in laser lipolylsis, offering fat elimination and body contouring via low-level laser energy.  It is US FDA-approved treatment that targets and breaks down fat cells in specific areas like tummy, arms and thigh.  Inch-loss and body shaping can be achieved painlessly and safely.

As I lay down and asked the lady if I will feel any pain or sensations, I was told that there may be a warm sensation but nothing painful. I chose my tummy to be the "guinea pig" for i.Lipo and true enough, the treatment is indeed pain-free!  I nearly dozed off in dreamland!

Here's the best part!  In just 1 treatment, I lose 5 cm on my tummy area!  YES!  It is true, I even had the lady measure me again and kinda "exhaled" to make sure I didn't suck in my tummy when she did my measurements!  And yes, I lost 5 cm that night!  I was told to exercise a bit to keep the "ball rolling".  Yes, there is no downtime so normal activities can be resumed right after the treatment!

I was told the maximum is 10 treatments and you can definitely see results as shown on photo below!  NOTE:  Not My Tummy!

photo taken by: Marie France
I want to thank NJ and Bea for inviting me to this event!
I seriously had fun and learned so much about my body! :)

If you want free consultation, call 894-2639 and try i.Lipo yourself and be wowed by the results.

Which body part would you i.Lipo? :D
I definitely went for my tummy, and my 2nd choice is going to be my arms!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i wanna try this one too! how much kaya per session? need to know the price first baka mamaya nyan mapakain ako lalo sa price hahaha.

    1. I'm not sure, do give them a call, they have package rates :D

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