Wednesday, July 9, 2014

AMW Reports: Ipanema Opens Shop in Rustan's Makati

Ipanema, I have 3 pairs of Ipanema sandals for the longest time and they're still alive and kicking until this very moment!  That proves how durable their footwear are!

The last Ipanema event I attended was year 2010 (has it been that long?) Feel free to read my report HERE and so far, I haven't seen or heard much about the brand until recently.  They are finally opening a shop in Rustan's Makati!  Yay!  And to make this post even better, I have finally seen collection perfect for the "fashionistas".

According to Managing Director of ELRO Corporation Mr. Patxi Elizalde: "At Ipanema, our footwear is designed to complement your daily ensemble 0 they look good and functional whether you're walking on the beach or the city."

I agree!

Check out their newest collection and here's my ultimate crush!

Charme Glam Fem 

My second crush, the Sidewalk Fem
around Php2,000

And there's more!
Virtraux Fem
 Charme Glam Fem

Vitraux Fem

And a whole lot more!  We had the chance to visit the newly opened store with Mr. Elizalde welcoming us.  "We feel this is the perfect time to roll out the brand's first store.  Rustan's has given us this opportunity, and we know that we could better serve our customers if we give them more options to choose from, and a larger and more comfortable place to fit their footwear."

Great idea!  As visually, everything looks more organized, you can immediately spot the footwear of your choice and you get to see all the designs, patterns at a glance!

Check out these cute Ipanema for kids!  Ahhh, I'm spying the blue one for Baby AMW!

Printed designs perfect for the teenagers and teenagers-at-heart!

Let's not forget the men in our lives!  They need to wear something comfortable too right?

An array of both classic and new designs!  I spy so many gems, ribbons and prints!  Something I look forward to from the brand!

True enough when Mr. Elizalde says: "You don't have to wear stilettos just to be fashionable".  I'm a comfort-shoe/sandals wearer and I find these a perfect example of comfort and fashion!

More unique prints and designs.

Another cute reason to be creative!  There's Ipanema Troca Aplique wherein you get to change the design!  Choose from heart, ribbon or a lady bug!

And my favorite Switch Straps!  I was told you don't need a special machine to switch your straps, you can do so on your own and you have 2 different sandals for the price of one!

After the store visit, we were lucky enough to have a quick Image Session by Ms. Karen Agustin-Ostrea from Global Image Management.

Visit Ipanema's first store at Rustan's Makati.

What's your favorite Ipanema pair featured in this blog?
Do you have any fashion tips for sandals wearers out there?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. uy, i see a lot of cute designs ha.... i like the Virtraux Fem! :)


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