Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AMW Makeovers: Dynamic Youth Beauties

Happy Tuesday!
It's AMW Makeovers once again and this time, I'm sharing the look I've done for 5 beautiful ladies!  They are celebrating 60th Anniversary for the group Dynamic Youth and it was held at Manila Hotel a couple of weeks ago!  These girls are so easy to work with as they are very beautiful even without makeup!

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Client #1
Skin type: Combination (Normal/Dry)
Request: Very natural look

Client #1 has very beautiful skin to start with, so all I did was to concentrate foundation application on key areas (center of her face) and creating the "glow" from within using highlighting powder.  For her eyes, I just played a bit of neutral browns, silver and pearl white to create "uplifted" eyes.  And for the rest of her face?  I used a peach colored blush and lipstick.

Doesn't she look like local actress Iza Calzado?

Client #2
Skin type: Combination (Normal/Oily)
Request: Natural makeup
Carrie, the girl who booked me and an AMW reader :) Hi Carrie!  Upon seeing her, I already have this makeup look in mind.  I wanted a very natural look that highlights her best feature (her eyes and smile) and make her look like herself!  

I defined her brows and create soft, natural effect using the combination of brow gel and powder.  As for the eyes, I created extended the shadow on the outer corner to "lift" her eyes.  Let's not forget the liner to keep her eyes appear bigger and brighter.

To keep that sweet smile, I used a bright pink lipstick and toned it down by blotting several times with a tissue paper.  I also matched her lipstick with a pink blush.

Client #3
Skin type: Combination (Oily/Dry)
Request: None
Client #3 has sensitive skin,  The mere touch of brush could probably cause her skin to further redden!  Thankfully, I have several experiences working with clients who has sensitive skin and I immediately applied a soothing makeup base underneath from Laura Mercier called Oil-Free Foundation Base.  That acts as a barrier between her skin and foundation thus not causing any further redness.

I fixed her brows by trimming off excess brow hairs and defined her brows with Benefit Gimme Brow (to create fuller brows) and defined it with an eyebrow pencil.  

As for her eye makeup, I concentrated on applying on the outer corner just like Client #2 to keep her "droopy" eyes appear more alive and awake!  I used combination of brows, golds and black.  

I did not contour her cheeks as she already has a very nice slim face, instead, I want to make her nose appear "longer" so I contoured the sides of her nose and highlighted the bridge area.

Most of the time, I don't match makeup with what the clients are wearing but this is an exception to my own rule!  I've decided to use pink blusha nd lipstick as she has pretty fair skin so it'll work really well on her nice pink dress! 

Client #4
Skin type: Combination (Oily) and Sensitive
Request:Heavy eye makeup
Out of all the clients who requested for simple, no-makeup look, Client #4 requested for heavier eye makeup as she is very comfortable wearing bright and colorful makeup looks!

She told me she has sensitive skin so I also prepared her skin by using Clinique moisturizer underneath, let it set for a couple of minutes before I applied an oil-control primer on key areas that tend to oil up.  I used Paul & Joe foundation (which I used on very sensitive skinned clients in the past and I was told they did not react on it), so I pray it worked for her that night.

After making sure her skin are even, I started on creating stronger brows by using brow pencils, brow powders and set it with a brow gel.  For her eyeshadow, I used reddish copper shades as base and I deepened her eyes by extending the outer v making her eyes appear longer.  Let's not forget the falsies and thick liner!  She's ready to party just by looking at her eyes!

As for the rest of her face, I kept everything very simple and natural.  I used a nude pink lipstick and lightly dust a loose powder blush on her cheeks.  I did not apply a lot of blush pigment because just in case her "skin redness" show in the middle of the night, the effect will just be her "blushing".

Client #5
Skin type: Combination (oily on t-zone, dry on the rest)
Request:VERY natural makeup
Upon sitting on my makeup chair, Client 5 immediately exclaimed how she wanted a very light, barely there makeup.  I assured her I'll do that!  :)

Her skin is wonderful to start with so I just applied a thin layer of foundation all over and set with my favorite Banana powder to keep her oily t-zone at bay.  

I filled her brows lightly using pencil and brow powder and created day time smoky eye makeup using browns, black and maroon.  

Judging by the look of her skin, I immediately went for coral lips and cheeks and so far, she seems happy!

Which among the 5 Dynamic Youth Beauties caught your attention?
Thank you girls for the trust, I enjoyed prettifying all of you!

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