Monday, October 13, 2014

Top 5 Highly Moisturizing Lippies that Last!

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Let's talk about lipsticks.  I own a full box of those but let me tell you, there are only a few ones that stays on my dresser table.  And there are more than 5 for sure, but I picked my top 5 favorites.

A bit of background about my lips!  Well, there are no introductions needed, I've always been vocal on my lip issues. Yes, you don't need to tell me that my lips look extremely dry, because they are EXTREMELY DRY on photos, and in real life!  That is why I am probably the best person to ask on what are the best moisturizing/hydrating lipsticks out there.

I can mention a couple!  BUT, adding to my strict requirements, I want a lipstick that is not only hydrating BUT, it should last at least half a day!  Such a difficult requirement right?  

You can't blame me, since I turned into Mommy AMW, I almost never bring my own bag!  That means, no makeup retouch kit with me!  I make sure to use a long-lasting lipstick because I will never get the chance to look at my face again when I'm outside with Baby AMW!  And yeah, no time to retouch lipsticks?  Who has time to use lip balm?

Well, such lipsticks exist and I'm happy to share my find!  Are you excited?

Before you react, well, these are the top 5 lipsticks I've tried and liked.  I may have tried so many lipsticks out there but I assure you I haven't tried ALL lipsticks available in the market!  These are my top 5 picks as of the moment and things may change in the future.

I only include the lipstick brands that I own in different shades, there are a couple of highly moisturizing lipsticks like Guerlain Rouge G and Tory Burch but I can't include them in this list as I only own 1 from each brand!  

While other lip products like Clinique Chubby Sticks Intense and Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters  as much as I would LOVE to include them on the list, they are more of a "Lipstick Balm" rather than "Lipstick", so I might as well stay stern on the requirements.

Now, no more babbling, I now present to Top 5!

  1. Cover Girl LipPerfection LipColor - I haven't put up a review on these lippies but they are indeed highly moisturizing and super LONG lasting!  I got a couple of shades to work on and so far, I've tried 4 out of the 6 bunch that I've tried and I'm very happy with what I see and feel!  I'll put up a review soon so please wait for it!  
  2. Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie - the name says it all!  It is indeed a lip moisturizer in a jumbo pen!  I have tried almost all the shades available and they are all the same in quality --- great pigmentation, lasts even without retouch and definitely non-drying!
  3. Colour Collection Lip Perfection lipsticks - one of the most inexpensive brand that works!  For the price of Php399.00, you get true to the tube color on your lips, non-drying as they include Argan Oil as part of this lipstick ingredient and they are indeed very hydrating on my extremely dry lips!
  4. Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Color - I currently own only 2 Hydra-smooth lip color shades but trust me, I've tried all of their shades in store whenever I do workshops!  These are very soft and buttery upon application and it stays on lips like a dream.
  5. Mary Kay True Dimension Lipsticks - seriously, Mary Kay?  I never thought they could make such exceptional lip products! I always look up to them on foundation, but not lipstick!  Not until I tried their newest lipstick line called True Dimension.  Remember how I gushed about the uniqueness of their lipstick packaging?  Well, thankfully, they didn't stop there!  Their True Dimension lipsticks are super pretty (shades wise) and thankfully, though extremely moisturizing, it is long-lasting! 
What do you think about my list?
Do you have other lipstick brands that you recommend me to try?

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  1. Bibili na talaga ko ng shut up and kiss me na yan!

    1. you haven't tried pa? You have to! kahit sa tester, galing!

  2. I definitely agree about Cover Girl LipPerfection LipColor :D It's somewhat like a lipstick at first, then a lipstain with moisturizing ingredients.

    1. thanks for your thoughts! super nice no? Do you own a lot of the LIp Perfection? :D which shade is your fave?

  3. Would love to try these, especially the CoverGirl lipstick! I have dry lips as well so these sound amazing to have!

    Catpacking | Beauty & Travel

    1. I'm sure it'll work for you, I don't think anyone could get lips THIS DRY like mine! :P


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