Sunday, November 2, 2014

AMW Reports: Kyle's First #TheBigEvent at Jollitown

How fun it is to attend a "Kiddie" event with my Baby AMW for the first time?  

Let me tell you the ways!  But before that, let me share to you what #TheBigEvent is all about.

In celebration of National Children’s Month,  Jollibee Kids Club brought Jollitown to life called The Big Fun Event!  This is a place were kids can play in giant inflatables and different play zones!  Imagine....Jollibee playground multiplied 10x!  How fun was that?

Well, Baby AMW is one hyper toddler at 1.5 years old, but before entering the event, I knew there will be many activities he won't be able to enjoy but still...I'm glad I was able to make this event memorable enough for me to be able to tell him stories when he grew older!  

He finally met Jollibee and have a picture together with him!  See how close Mommy and Jollibee was? 

Baby AMW also get to meet fellow Bloggie Babies!  I was so happy to see Rain and Rina!  Too bad The Pickiest Eater wasn't there!  The first time I met the family was at Tagaytay and I was only 5 months pregnant then!  See how time flew by so quickly?  

P.S. The fun part of taking photos with the kids!

1. You get a good shot of Rain but Kyle turned his back.
2. Kyle finally faced the camera but Rain had her eyes closed.
3.  In fairness to both moms, we were camera ready still!  *high five Rina*  teehee

I get to be Kyle's supermom because he was a bit scared with the crowd so he was really clinging on me all this time!  I'm not happy about the "clinging" part as I would want him to enjoy the event as much as I did BUT...I'm accepting this whole-heartedly as there will come a time he wouldn't want to be seen in public with me and THIS "fishy-kiss" face! :P

And of course, it was a perfect time for father-son bonding! He's not scared about the "sitting on dad's shoulder part" (he usually enjoyed it a lot he giggles nonstop), he was  actually startled by the loud voice coming from the host!

And of course, he gets a kiss from a pretty lady!  With lipstick mark pa ha!  Trixie Esguerra!  Pakasalan mo anak ko! :P

I'm sure Kyle had a grand time even though he only get to see other kids play at the play area! 

Look ma!  Big Fries, drinks and Chickenjoy bucket!

Big Burger and Hotdog Sandwich!

And who can say no to a giant Sundae Cone?  
We were with Grandma AMW! 

Now this is were all the excitement begins!  Games for both mommies and kids! 

Rainbow Slide!  I can't wait for Baby AMW to enjoy his first slide!  

See how packed the area was?  We actually arrived around 11:30am and this was what we saw!

The huge "Bubble Dome" is a place were kids can blow bubbles in different sizes!

So many activities happening at the same time!  And for every booth you stop, you get a stamp on your "passport" and you get a "Jollie-freebie"!  No wonder kids and parents are all lining up!

Dance anyone?  The Watch It and Dance It booth is a perfect place for kids who has the "groove". 

Painting Area!
Let the creative juices flow!  I was not surprised even moms and dads joined in.

Ding Dong Clingers!  The area even I want to line up!  I was literally standing there with a huge smile on my face wondering how I'd want to jump right in!  And the funny thing?  Most mommy and daddy bloggers felt the same!  We all want to join in the fun!

Because of the crowd and Baby AMW was a bit overwhelmed by it, I wasn't able to really go through one play area to the other!  But judging by this photo, you can see how everyone was having fun (both kids and adults alike)

If you want to join future events and activities like this, register your kids at Jollibee Kids Club (, fill up a form in participating stores for Php100.00.

Congratulations Jollibee for the successful event!  Thanks for inviting my family to enjoy one fun Sunday with the rest of the Jollibee Kids! 

Would you line up LONG lines for your kids?
I usually hate crowds and lines but for my baby, I will!

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