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Benefit Majorette Booster Blush Review

I have heard about Benefit Majorette Booster Blush even before they were available in the Philippines because I was lucky enough to be shown a sample of this by Kriska of Benefit during one of our meetings for workshop.  

Upon seeing this cutely packaged "booster" blush, I knew this will be a hit upon launch!  And guess what?  I'm right!  As I had my brows done last week at the Benefit Boutique Greenbelt 5, 3 customers came in to try on this peach colored booster blush and 3 of them walked with these!

And I'm glad I had my own!  

AMW Used Benefit Majorette Booster Blush on Cheeks and Lips
(note: I concealed my original lip color with a lip eraser 
then gently dab Majorette at the center, topped with clear gloss)

The packaging itself reminded me so much of Highschool!  How I wished I was a Majorette back then...too bad I'm such a tomboy I ended up as an MPFA (military police and first aider), manning traffic at Malacanang area (you probably guessed by school by now)  instead of twirling a baton #lol.

Benefit says ---
Pep, poise & popularity! Majorette is your cream-to-powder booster blush. Wear this peppy pink-peach shade alone or under your favorite blush for an instant “pep-up.” 
size 7.0 g Net wt. 0.24 oz.

AMW says ---
  • Super gorgeous packaging.
  • Has a wonderful scent that goes away after several minutes.
  • Can be used on its' own or paired with any blush.
  • Cream to powder finish thus the effect is very natural and would work on all skin types.
  • Great color pay-off.
  • Applies smoothly and can be blended easily without streaks.
  • Build-able pigmentation.
  • Can work on both warm and cool skin tones.
  • The color lasts for the whole day (dry skin).
  • Does not settle in lines and pores.

  • Packaging: too thick to be carried around with small purse or even on makeup artist kit!  If not careful during travel, you may "dent" the dome shaped cream blush.
  • Only 1 shade available. 
  • Matte shade.
  • Re-application is needed for combination and oily skin.  (You can set the Majorette with a powder blush to make it last longer).
Definitely a "booster" blush because it does not only "boost" your current powder blush but it also "boosts" your skin making it look natural yet healthy (in a sense that your face does not look flat out matte).  Majorette has a faint scent which gives you "good vibes" each time you apply, the product goes on smoothly on the skin not settling in lines and pores.

from Benefit
  • To amplify your natural flush, twirl with fingertips and blend onto the apples of your cheeks to look pom-pom pretty.
  • For extra pep and staying power, wear majorette under your favorite Benefit Box o’ Powder.
from AMW
  • Best tool to apply?  Your clean finger!
  • For better result, start by applying less then build up pigmentation.
  • Applied too much?  Apply your face powder on top to lessen pigmentation.
  • Best to be applied on top of your cream/liquid foundation or BB Cream prior to setting your face with powder products.
  • Create your own unique blush shades by experimenting on different powder blush shades to be applied on top of the Booster.
  • Start by dabbing Benefit Majorette Booster Blush on the apples of your cheeks blending upwards toward the hairline.
  • Majorette can also be used on your lips.  Apply with a dabbing motion to prevent lips from chapping.  Top with your favorite "gloss" for a natural look.
  • Do not throw the "plastic cover" to prevent your blush from getting ruined.
  • If you have pimples on your cheeks and find it hard to apply blush, conceal your spots first then apply Majorette using a foundation brush with a quick dabbing motion.  Never rub as rubbing will remove foundation and concealer thus showing off your flaws. 

Will I repurchase?
I don't know how long it'll take for me to finish up this dome-shaped cream blush but I will purchase if they come up with different shades!

To whom do I recommend this to?
All skin types!  If you want to try cream blushes but are afraid on how difficult it is to work around...try Majorette, this is one of the "easiest" cream blush I've tried even first-time users will enjoy this!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Benefit counters (Rustans Makati, Greenbelt, Shangri-la, Trinoma, SM MOA and ATC) for Php1,600.00 (approx $36.00)

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Each Majorette Booster Blush comes with a clear plastic glass that protects the dome shaped blush!  Though it is a bit hassle to do so, I highly recommend to keep this "protective case" to prevent cream blush accidents.
(ex. cream blush on expensive bags..OUCH!  It hurts)

On pan, it looks almost orange and very matte.  Once applied on skin, the effect is very flattering and natural.  Majorette Booster Blush is a warm peach shade on fair to medium skin and can turn into a different shade on different skin tone.  Whatever your skin color is, the effect will always be natural and glowy.

AMW wore Benefit Majorette Booster Blush alone as I love the color just the way it is!

How do you find Benefit's newest blush called Majorette?
Like me, would you like to wear this on it's own or would you top it with your favorite powder blush?
If so, which particular powder blush shade would you use?
I can't wait to try Rockateur on top of Majorette!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Nikki! You're looking younger by the day! :D HS ang Peg ng post HS din ang Fez :)

    1. wow super generous compliment naman yan! thanks hahahaha I love it that you said Highschool at hindi COLLEGE :)

  2. It looks lovely on you !


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  3. Oh my! This is so pretty. I super love the shade and the coverage. Its a must try!

    1. Thanks for liking the effect as much as I do :) let me know how it works for you :D

  4. Hi nikki. What lip concealer are you using? Been looking for one for a long time now. Like you, I have very pigmented lips. Thanks for the review. Very interesting product. :)

    1. Most of the time, I use nude lipstick, either from MAC or in this pot, the Too Cool For school..feel free to search the brand and you'll see my review on the lip color :D it worked so well on my lips!


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