Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To: Make Up Look for Busy Mom

I recently received an email request regarding makeup for busy hands-on mom!  I can totally relate so I told my dear AMW reader I can definitely give in to her request and show her how I usually do my makeup when I am off to a very busy day with my little one!  

There are so many things I have to keep in mind when I wear makeup with a toddler!  It has to be quick and easy to do, it stays at least the whole day because I don't have time for retouch and lastly, I should still look like myself but a tiny bit better! :D  I hope I did look a bit better!  

AskMeMom's Makeup
 Full brows, defined eyes, clear face with a bit of healthy glow and a naturally looking lip color! 

Is this what you're aiming for?  If yes, then read on!

Step 1:
I can never apply a full base makeup with a toddler around as I don't want to transfer makeup on him when he hugs or kisses me!  In this case, I just use a concealer to cover key areas.  That definitely is the bags under the eyes, the redness on the sides of my nose and some spots (if applicable).

In this tutorial, I used Benefit Fake Up Concealer because I don't have time to apply eye cream so this will work !

I am addicted to Beauty Sponges!  I used a damp Mehron Blending Sponge and gently blur out concealer lines.

Step 2:
I usually like to start doing my brows without any face powder on so I can easily clean up the mess brow powders or eye products may create.  In this tutorial, I am so excited to use K-Palette  Long Lasting Eyebrows Pencil!  One side is a brow pencil while the other side is a brow powder!  I will share my in-depth review soon!

Step 3:
On super busy days or when I'm in a rush, I skip eyeshadow and just proceed to eyeliner!  Yes, I can't leave home without it!  In this tutorial, I used Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen!  It is so easy to use!

Step 4:
For the sake of tutorial, let's say I have a couple of minutes to spare!  I can easily pick a  multi-function makeup product!  I am loving Cover Girl's Instant Cheekbones!  This palette is actually a face product that I actually use as eyeshadow!  


Prior to that, I like to clean up some mess and set my concealer with a powder that is safe for kids!  I usually pick mineral foundation like my favorite from Ellana. #FrenchVanillaBabe here!

Now let's get back to eyeshadow!
Picking the medium shade (first eyeshadow on the palette), I use it to deepen my crease as shown on first photo below.  Using the lightest shade or any highlighting shade, highlight the center of the lid.

I did mention how I love this palette because it works as a face product too?  This is the best time to contour the sides of my nose.

Deepen my cheekbones and highlight my nose bride.

These steps by the way are optional!  You can skip this!  But since I rarely go out under the sun so I'm quite fair, I like to add some colors on my face!

Step 5:
Now pick a bigger brush and use this InstantCheeks palette from Cover girl as a blush.  I usually start from the apples of my cheeks going to the hairline, in this tutorial, I am doing otherwise!  I start from the hairline going down to the cheeks!  Imagine how you would contour!

This step gives an illusion of a slimmer face at the same time, it gives a pop of color on your face!

Okay, some may raise their brows, but if you're a mom with active toddler, you will definitely find yourself leaving home without mascara!  But just in case I really wanted to wear one, I am actually loving Benefit's Roller Lash because I can skip the step of curling my lashes and my lashes can actually go curled up using only this mascara! 

Of course you don't have to purchase the same mascara as I did, just pick a curling mascara that is waterproof!

Step 6:
Definitely no dark lippies, no stickly glosses that may transfer to your baby or toddler!  I usually use a colored balm like this one from Tony Moly!

Dab Dab Dab!
Voila!  I don't look sick anymore!

Tie your hair and get ready to rumble with your active angel! :D

Hope you like my simple tutorial!
How would you do your makeup if you're a busy mom like me?

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  1. Great brow tip! I should also try doing mine without powder. At this point, that's the area I'm most likely to still make mistakes as I'm something of a brow newbie. :))

    1. Awww it's okay to make mistakes, you can easily remove naman with makeup remover! Same here, brow area is one of the hardest to do, even on clients... So keep on practicing lang

  2. Nice brow tip! I should try to do my brows before powder as that's the area I often make mistakes in. I'm something of a brow newbie. :))

  3. Your eyebrows product doesn't look good with your current eybrow hair color. It look too light and doesn't blend well.

    1. You know what I wish? You put your name so I can acknowledge your good observation! You're right, the brow pencil and powder combination is too light for my very dark brow hairs! I usually use brow mascaras to lighten my brows but since this is a tutorial for busy moms, i try to use the least makeup possible so I gave the brow mascara a skip! With very minimal makeup, if I used dark brow product, my brows will probably appear very strong and could be the center of attention! Thanks dear


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