Saturday, May 9, 2015

If You Love Colorful Toothbrushes for the Family!

Who in the world would get excited seeing colorful toothbrushes?
Way back when I was a kid, my mom would always purchase toothbrushes based on our favorite color!  There are 4 of us brothers and sisters so my eldest brother will definitely go for Green, my sister yellow or orange, my 2nd brother blue and of course, the youngest (me) would go for PINK!  --- that explains why Girl Stuff AskMeWhats polish is in Bohemian Pink!  <--- commercial="" edition="" ha="" limited="" nbsp="" only="" p="" please="" purchase="" todo="">

So even when I'm married living in a separate home, I still purchase color coordinated toothbrushes just because simple things in life makes me happy --- seeing colors every morning, after lunch and before I go to sleep while brushing my teeth gives me a natural high!  And that matters considering how toothbrushing is now relaxing "Me" time.

So when I received a box-ful of Clio toothbrush from our friends from Cleene (yes, the famous Cotton brand!), I was so ecstatic and was smiling ear-to-ear!  Thank you Cleene Philippines!

As surprised as I am on trying to imagine how Cleene would come up with a toothbrush, I read the press release realizing that Cleene entered a new partnership with CLIO.  CLIO is actually a leading toothbrush brand in Korea!   CLIO is a market leader in oral care in South Korea and has been dedicating toothbrush research for more than 2 decades!  So I'm really looking forward to "Destroy" my current toothbrush to test these!  :P

Just so you know, these aren't just cute-color coordinated!  Each Variant Name has their own specific functions so read before you buy! 

COMPLETE - I believe this is the most basic and original toothbrush from the brand.  World's first end-rounded mirco fine multi-tufted bristle technology.  It comes with long tapered and short rounded extra-fine, flexible bristles to clean hard to reach areas.

X-PERT G - Comes with special rubber bristles to gently stimulate and massage the gum.

40+ CARE - as the name states, this is for sensitive teeth and gums perfect for people 40 years and above!  Well, I have extremely sensitive gum though I'm not 40 so I may give this a use!

SENS INTERDENTAL - Comes with ribbed tongue cleaner (back of head) allows to clean your tongue and helps avoid bad breathe.

NEON - the name says it all!  It got all the basic functions of a CLIO toothbrush BUT in neon color.

ATTENTION - This comes with a suction cup base reduces counter clutter and help keep brush head clean!  This also comes in antibacterial bristles.

JUNIOR - perfect for children 6-12 years old.  Okay, this toothbrush may have to wait for 4 years before Kyle can give this a go!  It comes with elastomeric rubber head to sooth kid's tender gums!

Cleane CLIO is available at all Mercury Drug stores and other leading drugstores, supermarkets and other stores nationwide.

What is your favorite variant?
Have you seen or heard CLIO?

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Keep smilin'
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(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

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