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AMW Reviews: Mary Kay at Play™ Lip & Cheek Stick in Razzleberry

Good morning AMW Friends!  I have something "Multi-tasking" to share as of the moment!  Remember Mary Kay at Play™?  If you don't, well, they are the more "teeny-boppy" version of their makeup line!  The first Mary Kay at Play™ products I got to try is their eyeshadows which are really good by the way, so I'm glad they went a step (or two) further! 

Everybody loves multi-tasking product!  Why?  We're all getting busier by the minute and I can't imagine doing a full 30 minutes makeup routine on a daily basis!  So when Mary Kay Philippines launched their Lip & Cheek Stick and a Dual-End Shadow & Liner (review soon!), I knew I have to grab and try one!

Mary Kay at Play™ Lip & Cheek Stick in Razzleberry photo

On spotlight today is the shade: Razzleberry

Mary Kay at Play™ Lip & Cheek Stick in Razzleberry review

Mary Kay at Play™ Lip & Cheek Stick  says ---
Mary Kay at Play Lip And Cheek Stic can liven up any look with a glowing blush and a picture-perfect pout.  Not only is it very useful with its super soft, creamy texture that blends easily, it is also a very flexible and can be applied to create sheer to full coverage.  It comes in flattering shades such as Razzleberry and Peach Pop.  So dewy or bold, stained or striking, the Lip & Cheek Stick can perfectly deliver.


AMW says ---
  • Packaging.
  • Fun and cute size!  Easy to tote around.
  • Buildable.
  • Has the right texture, not too soft or hard.  Creamy when applied.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Color payoff is really good!
  • Works well on fair to medium skin.  (You only need to control the amount to be used)
  • I love the shade Razzleberry!!!!

  • As always, because you need to purchase online or via Mary Kay rep, it is difficult to know if the product works for you without trying on testers or seeing the colors in person.
  • Only 2 shades available as of the moment.
  • If you have dry skin, blending product on cheeks can be a bit more challenging as compared to users with normal/oily skin.
  • On lips, stays for 3-4 hours max.
  • On cheeks, stays for 4-5 hours max. 
An easy-to-use lip and cheek color!  It is highly pigmented and payoff is really nice. 

  • If you applied more than desired (on cheeks), top with your favorite powder foundation to lessen pigmentation.
  • If you applied more than desired (on lips), dab with a clean tissue paper or pat with face powder on top of your lips.  
  • On cheeks: best to dab a tiny amount directly on cheeks and quickly blend using your fingertips with upward and outward motion.
  • On lips: you can apply directly from tube but since precision application is difficult with the size of the product, use a lip brush!  
  • If you have extremely dry cheeks, mix Mary Kay at Play™ Lip & Cheek Stick with your favorite moisturizer at the back of your hand before you apply on your cheeks.
  • If you have fair to medium skin, apply using light hand.
  • If you have darker skin, you may apply more.
  • You may want to check out CashCashPinoy as I saw them on sale (From Php545.00 to Php375.00).  I can't vouch on purchasing from site though!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Dual purpose makeup lovers!  This shade Razzleberry works well on almost all skintone!

Where to purchase and how much?
Mary Kay True Dimension lipsticks are available through any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants by calling them at (632) 859-6211 for Php545.00 (approx $12.38) each.

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Website: www.marykay.com.ph
Twitter and Instagram: @ilovemarykayph


Shade printed clearly at the bottom.

Swatch: Razzleberry
Just one swipe, you get this beautiful color.

I prefer to apply the product directly on my cheeks and blend quickly using clean fingers.  Since I have dry skin, I prefer to apply this prior to powder application!  I can adjust the cheek color I want by adding powder foundation on top!

On cheeks

On Lips
I actually prefer applying directly on my lips and leave the outer corner "blurred" for that gradient effect.  If you have small and thin lips, you may go beyond the lip line using a lip brush.

But on days I want to define my lips, I can just use the "edge" of the Lip & cheek Stick to define the outer corners.

AMW wore Razzleberry on cheeks and lips.

Color, on point!
I can go out looking a bit more made up than the usual!
How do you like the shade Razzleberry on me?
Will you give this product a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. if it has no label of MK the packaging reminds me of one i got from ELF and Natasha Beauty

    1. actually marami siyang kahawig :D but the product itself is amazing :D

  2. Ano mas bagay sa morena razzleberry or peach pop? 😊

    1. This one will look healthy on morena skin, nice siya

  3. Ano po mas bagay sa morena? Razzleberry or peach pop?


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