Monday, June 22, 2015

Something New: ChapStick MixStix

If you ask anyone about lip balm, ChapStick comes to mind!  Some people even call Lip Balms ChapSticks!  I can't blame them, it has been around almost FOREVER!

BUT, the thing about a product that is around for a long time, they tend to be buried under newbies.  Good thing, or shall I say, FINALLY, ChapStick came back with a vengeance!  A wonderful vengeance because I'm smiling ear to ear everytime I use this!

The ChapStick MixStix!

ChapStick MixStix photo

ChapStix is unique because it is a dual-ended lipbalm with two flavors on each end!  Why do I think this is a wonderful invention?

ChapStick MixStix review

Imagine my love for dual-purpose products ----

The Body Shop Lip & Stain
or the Benefit Benetint

The two products mentioned above works as Cheek and Lip tint and the ChapStick moisturizer may still be used solely on lips, I like the fact that I picked my favorite flavor on one side and Mr. AMW uses the other side!  I kinda smile in this thought knowing that I'm bringing along a part of my hubby's personal belonging wherever I go!  And mind you, he doesn't wear lip balm on his own and I usually "force" him to apply lip balm because his puckers need it too!

The 2 flavors I got from SampleRoom are Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Lemon Berry Sorbet!  The Mister likes the Strawberry side and Lemon Side while I opted for Banana and Berry.  

I am happy to announce that the Chapstick Mixtix are more hydrating as compared to the older versions! 

Back Packaging and Ingredients List

Now, since I'm just starting to use my MixStix, I believe it is better for you to give these a try and see for yourself!

Head on to and grab samples now!

How do you like the new ChapStick?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love dual purpose product too ms nikki, saves money, space and time!

  2. That is so sweet! I love the sharing of lip balms part. :) The Lemon Berry Sorbet is my favorite too!

    1. I know! hahahah good for sharing without the "yuck you're sharing lip balm???" thought!hahahah


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