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Origins Is Back!

Remember my first and Only Origins Post previously on Origins Modern Friction For the Body?
As much as I would love to ask my brother to help me purchase that product again and again, I stopped myself because I dislike getting addicted to products not available locally!

Thankfully, after leaving the country year 2005, Origins is finally back!  Don't ask me why they went hiatus but I'm surely glad they're back!  Because I would definitely want to get to know more of their products especially now that I know more about their history and brand mission.

Origins Philippines
Top: from Korea, Skirt: Zalora, Shoes: Zalora
 The event was held at Le Jardin, I can't even seem to think a more appropriate place for this launch!  Upon entering, I read the Origins' Purity Promise.    This promise made me fell in love with the brand even more.

Now won't you join me as I learned so much about the products and brand?  I'll tour you around like you were with me during the event!

Step 1: Never Stop Discovering

To start off, we were each given a cold towel with essential oil scent to energize ourselves from the traffic, and for me, the long wait for parking space!  It was indeed a nice treat to see plants and candles on the table!

P.S.  My mom is so into planting, she has a green thumb so I am used to being around plants and garden even if I live in Manila almost my whole life.

Step 2: Source
I learned during the event that Origins is committed to constantly searching for new answers to age-old problems by scouring the earth to uncover the most efficacious plants.  They go to high and low places just to pick that potent ingredient to create high-performance natural skincare products.


Step 3: Fingerprint
For us, regular people, if we found ingredients, we probably just use it as it is.  BUT, for Origins, after finding the ingredients, they isolate the most potent element of each ingredient and use the refined and purified extracts. At the same time, they do it with earth-friendly practices.

Step 4: Testing (sorry didn't take a photo of it)
After finding the right ingredients around the world,  they do the testing multiple times for safety and performance.

Step 5 Their Commitment
Thankfully, Origins is really into taking care of the Earth.  Origins Launched Plant-A-Tree in Partnership with American Forests Global ReLeaf.   Aside from that, Origins has "Return to Origins" Recycling Program (globally), they accept all cosmetic empty containers regardless of brand at any Origins retail stores and department store counters, I didn't get to ask them if they do that locally but I wish they would!

Step 6: Visually Appealing Packaging

Now that you know a tiny bit about the mission of the brand, I got to learn more about their product lines and I can't believe how broad their skincare range are!  They have everything for your particular needs.

Let's start with their bestselling masks.
Locally, they brought in all 6 masks that targets for all skin type and need.  From Clear Improvement, Drink Up, Drink Up Intensive, GinZing, Calm To Your Senses an Dr. Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom.

Dr. Andrew Weil is a Harvard-trained doctor and founder of Integrative medicine.  He harnessed the power of mushrooms to promote skin resilience, evenness and overall healthy appearance.

 Another known Origins skincare line is their Make A Difference.  These products are here to help rehydrate and repair the skin from drastic dehyration as it rebuilds its moisture barrier through the power of Rose of Jericho.


You can actually see how amazing nature is when they've shown us how the Rose of Jericho return to life (even from total dehydration) with drops of water.  Imagine that ingredient used on your skin and how moist and supple your skin will be after constant use!

There are more lines to discover so I highly recommend you to visit their store at SM Makati and get to know each product line that would suit the needs of your skin.  As for us, everything may sound too scientific for us so we appreciate how Origins Philippines Team used food to explain the power of Origins.

Key Speakers during the launch

  •  Mel Lerma - Country Manager, Estee Lauder Companies
  • Jill Baysa - Sales and Marketing Manager, Origins Philippines
  • Jean-Alexandre Havad - Vice President and General Manager, Origins International
  • Trenesa Danuser - Vice President, Global Communications and Strategic Alliances, Origins International
  • Samantha Lin - Education Coordinator, Origins Philippines
Nikki Tiu and Shari Macainag --- GORGEOUS MOMMIES
#lol  Seriously, my fellow Beauty Bloggers who graced the launch.

Shari, Nikki and Shen

Phoebe, Jill, Nikki and Shen

 L-R Phoebe, Mikki, Nikki, Shari, Liz, Shen and Martha

Congratulations Origins Philippines, visit them at SM Makati for their first store and share to me your favorite Origins Product/s!

For more information, follow them on Instagram (@OriginsPH)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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