Monday, July 6, 2015

How To: Prevent Your Lipstick From Transferring

If you are in a hurry, I just included 2 easy steps!  BUT, if you have a minute or 2 more to spare!  I'll add more on the tips portion below!  But for busy mommies like me, this is my simplest and shortest trick to prevent lipsticks from transferring on clothing, mug or other people (ahem!)

Yes, we can all wear a bright red lipstick on a Monday for that instant "boost"! 

Not included in the two steps is your lipstick application!  Just apply your favorite lipstick the way you want to!  Whether it is directly from tube or with a lipbrush --- your choice!

Grab a clean tissue paper and blot your lips.  Imagine, just like your face that tends to oil up and you use oil blotters to deal that situation, same with the lips!  You need to blot your lipstick after application to remove excess "oil" or wax from the lipstick.  If your lipstick is not as bright as you wanted it to be, re-apply second layer and redo the blotting step!

Don't remove the tissue paper, let it stay as you grab a powder brush and your favorite oil-control translucent powder.  Dust it all over your lips to set the lipstick!  This step is very important because the powder will help reduce excess moisture from lipstick (imagine oil-aborption) and it also help set your lip color just like how most powders set our makeup!  

Voila!  After doing both steps, I tried pressing a clean tissue on my lips as hard as I can and I only get THIS MUCH amount of lip color transferred --- not bad considering how bright my lipstick is!

Now, if you have an extra 1 or 2 minutes, you may want to add these extra steps for a kiss-fest!  :p
  • Use a lip liner beneath as it will prevent lipstick from smudging.
  • If you have unusual lips and no lipstick stays no matter what you do, use a lip primer underneath or apply concealer or foundation directly on your lips before lipstick application.  This will serve as your "base".
  • Last tip, another tip to prevent lipstick (especially dark ones) from smudging or transferring, one you do both steps above, apply foundation or concealer using a brush on the outer corner of your lips and set with translucent powder.

AMW Wore Maybelline MNY Rebel Lips in REB01. 
I hope my tip helps!  Have a gorgeous week ahead!
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  1. i love your eye makeup here ms nikki =)

    1. thanks sis! I think I did a tutorial on this na :D

  2. Great tips! Now I know what to do. Thanks for sharing girl!

  3. Replies
    1. SOFFIA! You can purchase it at Beauty and Minerals website :D


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