Tuesday, August 11, 2015

AMW Bulletin: Shakey's Chicken 'N' Mojos Monday Madness!

You guys understand how crazy traffic is nowadays?
And don't we "at least" once in our life said "I hate Mondays?"
I used to be called "Garfield" in Highschool and college because of that!  But now that I'm older (ahem) AND wiser, I don't hate any days of the week anymore!  Because I always find reasons, simple yet good enough reasons to look forward to another day!

Just like today!  Found this promotion I can't help but share!
(Yes, I can't wait for Weekend Food Trip posts to post this!  It will be too light!)

Shakey's, one of my favorite Chicken 'N' Mojos brand will be rewarding its loyal guests with the Chicken 'N' Mojos Monday Madness Promo as an anniversary token exclusive for all SuperCard holders!  All Chicken 'N' Mojos packs will be available at 40% off!

For more information LIKE Shakey’s Pizza on Facebook and FOLLOW @shakeysph on Instagram!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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