Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lipsticks For The Day: Mary Kay True Dimension Sheer Lipsticks in Subtly You and Magenta Chill

Good day everyone!  So today, you will finally see my forehead!  *laughs*  Seriously, I haven't been comfortable showing my forehead because they are quite "huge"!  (That explains why I'm brainy!  *winks*)  From nursery to college or even when I was working, I seldom pulled my bangs back like the photo below so think of this post as a "treat" for you my dear readers! :P  You guys are special! 

 On a serious note, I think I am of age wherein I openly accept my flaws!  I guess, I am super comfortable in my own skin now because I'm married!  #harharhar  Okay, I'm joking again, but I guess confidence comes not only of age but confidence comes when you start to love and accept yourself!  I accepted the idea that I'm no "artista" and won't ever be a "model material" but I accepted the fact that God gave me all "functional" body parts and I am very happy and grateful for that!  

Yeah, it's obviously a CHOOSE-Day and I'm making this choice to be all positive!

Back to my Lipsticks!  (Whew!)  That was a long intro huh?

a photo of Mary Kay True Dimension Sheer Lipsticks in Subtly You and Magenta Chill

Do you still remember my first Mary Kay True Dimension Lipsticks review I did last year?  Feel free to click link if you forgot about it!  As for me, how can I forget such nicely packaged lipstick that took me a minute to open the cap?  It was so unique even Mr. AMW can't forget this particular line of lippie!  Yeah, took him minutes too!  I don't know why he didn't ask for help ... tsk tsk tsk..MEN!

a photo of Mary Kay True Dimension Sheer Lipsticks in Subtly You and Magenta Chill

So the True Dimensions Lipsticks actually has a cousin (or sister?)  They recently launched their new Mary Kay True Dimensions SHEER lipstick line!  When I see SHEER, I'm not a fan because I have highly pigmented lips!  If I need sheer, I'll probably go for tinted balms!  But this pair actually is unique!  So unique I had to post about this right away!

Shades on feature: Subtly You and Magenta Chill

Mary Kay True Dimension Sheer Lipsticks in Subtly You and Magenta Chill

Arm Swatch
Yes, definitely has a "sheer" finish but pigmentation is quite good for just 1 swipe!
Looks promising to me!
A swatch on Mary Kay True Dimension Sheer Lipsticks in Subtly You and Magenta Chill

According to Mary Kay ---
"The Mary Kay True Dimensions Sheer Lipstick provides the sheerness and shine of a lip gloss in the texture and form of a luxurious lipstick.  It comes in subtle coverage and less pigmented shades to let lips' natural color come through.  The Mary Kay True Dimensions Sheer Lipstick contains a nourishing blend of Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba and Mango Butter that help protect lips from free radicals and environmental damage.  Its complex formula helps lips look plumper, feel firmer and appear younger and line-free while saturating them in moisture.  It replenishes and conditions lips, leaving them looking their healthy best."

Shade : Subtly You
As the name states, this is a very natural-looking lipstick shade than can pass up as a nude lipstick with a lot of moisture!

On me:
One of the best Nude colored lipstick I've tried!  It has a brownish peach tint and has wonderful "shine" without the sticky feel!  This photo was taken with 2 "Subtly You" application and I can add 3rd and 4th layer for heavier pigmentation!  The effect is very natural and the best part?  NON-drying!  You don't see lip lines nowhere!

Shade: Magenta Chill
Magenta, when I hear this shade gives me an automatic visual of a Purplish Red color!  It was completely different on tube with the MK Sheer Lipstick, it looks more of a HOT Pink shade or Bright Pink shade!  None of the purplish tint I'm looking for a Magenta shade.

 But this girl ain't complaining....

On me:
Magenta Chill made my skin appears brighter and more vibrant!  Look at that glow on the middle portion of my lips, it will make lips appear fuller and healthier in a very subtle way!

When worn by me, Magenta Chill looks more of a Coral Pink shade and adding another layer or 2 will give it a deeper pink look.

Overall, I am very happy with the 2 new shades I got from the True Dimensions Sheer Lipstick Line.  Other shades available are Artic Apricot and Flamenco Red.  There are a total of 4 shades only in this collection and I highly recommend Mary Kay to make MORE because I am definitely going gaga over its' texture!

Available through an Independent Beauty Consultant priced at Php860.00 each (approx $19.50).
Website: www.marykay.com.ph
Twitter and Instagram: @ilovemarykayph

Which shade I wore got your vote?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. They are both so pretty. Lovely colors and great pigmentation indeed. Its a must try! I will start on Magenta Chill.

  2. I also have a huge forehead and like you, I seldom pull my bangs away from my face. I'm quite comfortable about it now though :) Anyway, my vote goes to Magenta Chill - your face looks brighter by wearing that one! :)

    1. well same here, Im' more comfortable now, thanks for picking! :D

  3. Super love Mary Kay ever since!

    Lou of Steal the Style
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