Monday, August 17, 2015

A Million Pesos For Kyle Nash? Here's How I Would Spend It...

A lot of parents would say, put it on savings for his education!  I originally thought about that too!  Because I understand how important it is to save at an early age!  I started out quite late so I know how it is not to have money!  #hahaha

With Kyle, he has his own bank account in less than a year old!  These are from the "red envelopes" he got from his family and godparents during his birthday and baptism.

This post was inspired by fellow Blogger Mommy Frances, as I was putting Kyle to sleep and read how she would spend her first Million for Baby Piero, I suddenly had all these ideas in mind as I was putting Kyle to sleep!

For his education?  Maybe not, I think Mommy and Daddy will work hard for that and that serves as an inspiration for us to keep going!  As for the 1 million winnings, half of it will go to Kyle's bank account.  And it will be spent for his extra-curricular activities, whatever he likes when he grows up!

A music lesson?  A swimming lesson?  Voice lessons?  Dance Class?  Painting Class?

Yes, whatever his heart desires, I will definitely support him!  As I understand how important it is to nurture his talent.

Half of the money, I'll probably use it as an investment for him.  How?  I'll build him a library!  We have a spare room at home and I would love to transform it into his own mini library!  And no, I'm not being a monster mom here trying to push him to study!  Kyle is actually a natural-born Bookworm!  He chooses books over toys anytime of the day!

 This was him appreciating flashcards in less than 6 months old.

Holding his first book which we bought from the US.  His favorite book out of the bunch!

He appreciates going to bookstores than toy stores whenever we go out to malls.

And every night, he wants me to read him books before he goes to bed.
Check out the humble "library" I created for him!  

Just so you know, we currently use our living room as his play and study area!  

I would like to have our living room back so we can finally accept visitors without asking them to remove their shoes #lol and probably spend quarter of the million to renovate the spare room into a library, playroom and his future study room!

Ahhh, I can imagine his excited face seeing THIS!
And of course, let's not forget the work hard, play harder mantra!  I can always add up his favorites!

A bath tub full of balls!
(Photo taken during his KidZania Visit)

Slide, swing and toys because he is still a kid!  He has to enjoy his childhood!

I don't know about you but my son loves to play "cooking"!  He must be a future chef!  (Photo also taken during his KidZania visit)

Then, I'll probably have an artist to paint all over his walls because he is such a visual kid!  He loves to look at pictures, letters, numbers, animals etc..!  Look at how happy he was at the Discovery Suites Ortigas play area!

And the other quarter of the million that wasn't put in a bank?  We'll use it for travel!  It is not a lot of money but we are smart travelers!  Our first on the list is Hong Kong!  Because it is near and we can always chill with good food, sightseeing and of course!  Ocean Park and Disneyland!  We may even jump over Shenzhen (because I'm an expert there!)  and take him to Window of the World Theme Park so he can see the world's different tourist attractions at a smaller scale!

I took my parents there years ago and we all agreed, it was almost the REAL THING! 
How nice to dream no?
Well, this dream of ours as mommies and daddies may actually come true!

Pampers Baby Dry, our favorite diaper brand cooked up many FIRSTS for our babies!  In my case, I've had many #FirstsWithPampers experience and they were all wonderful!  Kyle had so much fun doing all the things he love to do without having to stop mid-way due to diaper leak or I don't even have to worry about diaper rashes!  Because I've used Pampers for almost a year now and it was the best decision to be loyal to this brand!  Read my Pampers Beaker Test HERE.

And today, Pampers gives moms a chance to win our baby's first MILLION!  How? 

  • Simply buy any Pampers Baby Dry Economy/Value Pack/ Low counts at participating stores nationwide and check to see if there's a sticker indicating an entry in the promotion.
  • There will be a WINNING TICKET for all the lucky moms out there --- could be Gymboree GC worth Php1,200 consolation prize or the Major Prizes including Php10,000, Php50,000 or Php1 million worth of bank savings!

Fellow mommies, are you excited to at least give this a try and who knows?  Your baby could be the first Pampers Millionaire!

Winners can contact Manpower for Advertising Services Agency Inc. at (632) 335-3518 for instructions on how to claim the prize.  Don't forget to bring the winning ticket, 2 valid IDs and the official receipt for purchase of Pampers Baby Dry during the redemption.  For more details, watch their newest TVC and visit the Pampers Facebook page (  

Fellow Mommies, how would you spend 1 million for your baby?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love your blog a lot and follow your posts. You have a beautiful photos and great posts. Pls, keep in touch, dear. Hope you visit my blog also.

  2. oh dear your boy is so talented and loves reading books!

  3. Wow, at a young age, book worm na. My future yan Ms. Nikki!

    1. sana sana! ehehehe :) I'm so happy he is like me, so into books!

  4. Good to see Kyle Nash in action through this blog post (as well as your IG posts :D)! Oh, he's into books at his young age, he must be very smart! A chef sounds great too! #kylenash :)

    1. Thanks sis! :D I'm surprised how he enjoyed slicing fruits and vegetables and he actually likes to watch me cook too! :) YAY! Chef in the making! :D


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