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How To: Give Yourself a Subtle Makeover!

You know how it is when you do your makeup on a daily basis and you wished you will look at least a bit different on special days?

Well, you can!  And that doesn't entail you to pile on MORE makeup, instead, try to be adventurous and do something different, change a bit of your "usual" makeup routine.

Okay...let me think...I usually like to wear bright lipstick sans eye makeup!  So, if I plan to go on a special event or I need to have my photo taken and I wanted to look nice....this is my game plan to change the way I a very subtle manner.

  1.  I normally wear concealer then set with powder.  For a change, I'll go for full yet still a natural-looking coverage.
  2. Instead of the usual thick brows, I'll leave my brows looking natural and soft.  No harsh lines there!  
  3. I will wear a bit more eye makeup.
  4. Instead of the usual dark lips, I'll go for very light colored lipstick! 
  5. I tend to shy away frome xtremely pink colored blush, so I'll use it this time!
But please..don't ask me to remove the highlighting is my favorite! Just give it to me okay? :P

a photo on How To Give Yourself a Subtle Makeover!

Using my Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion in shade Sand Beige, I apply this all over the face concentrating more on areas around my face that needed coverage.  This is my to-go-to type of foundation on hot weather because it has this nice lightweight feel!

Not on photo: I concealed key areas like my undereye circles and redness on the sides of my nose.

Brows and Shadows
I did my brows using my Tony Moly 7 Day Tattoo Eyebrow, it gives a very natural appearance as it mimics the look of my brow hairs.

Now on to the shadow base, I picked Maybelline Color Ink in BE-1.  With a synthetic brush, I apply this all over my mobile lid.

For this tutorial, I mainly used all the shades from the new Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color Quad in Chai Latte.  Picking the 2nd shade from left or a light silver taupe shade, I apply this on top of the cream shadow.

When it comes to eyeshadow, I like to do the same "shadowing effect" on my lid and on the lower lashline.  Using a pencil brush for more definition, apply the same shade on the outer thirds of my lower lashline.  This will create a more "complete" eye makeup look.

Define that crease with the 3rd shadow shade.  Gray is very difficult for me to work with since it usually translate into something "Dirty" especially on my skin tone, since I have a cream shadow base underneath, the effect is not as dirty.  With the same pencil brush, I apply this on the outer corner of my crease.

Same step as above, do whatever you did on the lid on the lower lashline.  Picking a clean blending brush, blend everything together so you won't see any obvious marks!

Now on to the last and darkest shade, I apply this on the outer-v also on the inner corner of the eyes leaving the center for that "brightness" picking through.

Now pick a flat shading brush, pick the lightest color and highlight the center of the lid as shown on photo below.  Use the same shadow to highlight the inner corner of the lower lashline.

This is optional, but I like to use the darkest shade and gently apply on the outer thirds of your lower lashline.  Using eyeshadow is better than a black liner because the effect is more natural.

Line your eyes!
I want that vavavoom line so I used Benefit They're real Push-Up Liner in Black.

Now on to the waterline, I felt that I can still see the flesh tone of my waterline so I applied a matte medium brown liner from Shu Uemura.  Please make sure the eyeliner pencil you will use on your waterline is waterproof!

Create vavavoom lashes!
Okay, I seldom wear mascara, I wear them because I need to review them  (sorry!)  But that's the truth!  I am too lazy to apply mascara because my lashes are impossible!  They get thinner by the day!  But since this look is going beyond what you are comfortable with, I picked a volumizing mascara from Artdeco!  This is quite good in terms of giving volume on my lashes making it look dark and plenty!

My eye look after

Set everything with a powder!  I used Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder all over my face.

Like I said, I'm not a "pink blush" girl because it looks too unnatural on me!  For this tutorial, I'm giving Pink blush a second chance.  It is a Wet n' Wild ColorIcon blush in shade Heather Silk.

On to the Lips
Because my lips are highly pigmented, I apply a bit of the foundation on my lips to "lighten it up" making my light colored lipstick appear more natural!

The lipstick I used is L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in shade 910. The effect of this lippie is almost a baby pink lip balm, but since I only have foundation on my lips, the baby pink tint will appear almost immediately upon application!

Sorry, I had to!  Highlight my face using The Balm Mary Lou-manizer!

  Finished Look
This is actually not my usual makeup look!  I seldom go out looking like this but I actually did and enjoyed the compliment (from the hubby!  LOL)  Just joking, I seriously got compliments from other people aside from my hubby!  My sister..okay, I'm hopeless!
How To Give Yourself a Subtle Makeover!

Given the chance YOU do this photo-torial, what changes will you do to your usual makeup routine for you to look at least a bit different for a day?

I'd love to hear from you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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