Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Language of Love #HappyGrams

I am very vocal with my feelings to a person!  I can tell you everyday how much I love and appreciate you and I can tell you straight as well if you wronged me.  I totally believe in HONESTY.

I was having a meeting with brand partners who are turning into good friends a couple of weeks ago.  Kriska, whom I have shared so many good and bad times with shared to me how she thinks of me as someone who loves to give compliments and shower people with simple gifts as a Language of Love.  That statement struck me, she is right! 

So as much as I do that unconsciously, I am appreciating how God gave me the gift to see the good of anyone I face and little do I know how much that can make anyone's bad day into a good one!  

That's why I'm giving back and share to YOU what I think would make everyday a BETTER day not only to the people you interact with but also for yourself!  When I got that compliment from Kriska, it made my day totally better knowing how I I have the capability to create a small (yet meaningful) impact to another person's day!  Imagine that simple statement of: "Your hair looks extremely good today!" or "You have a wonderful smile!" can literally turn that frown into a smile --- I know!  Because someone mentioned that to me and it literally made my heart flutter!
Now I know not everyone is as vocal as me!  Trust me when I say, there are times, I just can't put into words my appreciation to that someone so I would come up with simple gifts that I know will make them happy!  Like sharing them my favorite cup of coffee, gifting them with their favorite shade of lipstick, or just give them a small piece of cupcake JUST BECAUSE you appreciate them for being part of your words need to be spoken...and if you're broke?  Who cares?  A big, genuine smile and hug will do! 

I know it'll work!  Because I received some of those during my down times and it literally puts me at ease....

Now some of you may not have the words to speak or gifts to share, hey!  Let's all be creative here!  There are MILLIONS of ways to "Make Everyday Moments" better, one of them is by going through and send out Happygram from the microsite! Or, you can even share your happy thoughts on social media sites so you make your friend's day too!

So here's a contest/challenge for you my dear AMW friends!
  • Post your own happygrams and happy thoughts on IG to make your friends' day better.  (Either a selfie with Happy Thought or you can send out a Happygram from the site)
  • Don't forget to tag ME @AskMeWhats and @HersheysHappy on IG as I will choose the best entry and will Regram it.  Don't forget the hashtags #HappyGrams #SparkitPh
  • The contest is short, so please share those Happy Thoughts on IG ASAP!   Contest ends September 10, 2015.  Will regram the winner's IG photo September 11, 2015.
  • The photo I will Regram will win goodies from ME! (Makeup and skincare!) 
I can't wait to see how this little action can make the world a better place...
Small steps...but HUGE IMPACT!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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