Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Thoughts on Tony Moly's Tony Tint Delight and The Better Application Technique

If you ask me what my favorite reddish lip and cheek tint is, hands down, my answer will be the Benetint!  (Review HERE)

But I know, the price tag may stop you especially if you're a student reading this post!  So I scoured on the next best thing --- The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Tint.  (Review HERE)

Then, of course, I've read a lot of queries on Tony Moly's newest tint called Tony Tint Delight, priced less than Php200.00, I must give this a test and see how it goes!

a photo and review on Tony Moly's Tony Tint Delight

Tony Tint Delight is available in 2 shades: 01 Cherry Pink and 02 Red

I got the shade 02 Red because it is the closest to Benetint and TBS Lip & Cheek Tint.

According to Tony Moly ---
  • Lip tint with 98% of moisture base
  • Botanical oil prevents from drying and keeps moisture on lips
  • Fresh and fruit scent


I did a quick swatch and the back of my hand and realized one thing --- this tint dries up so fast I call it a "Flash"!

Though it looks scary red on first application, once you spread it out, the color will turn to be translucent BUT, you have to work fast because it leaves demarcation marks!  See swatch below.

On first application, I went for a smaller foundation brush to apply on my cheeks!  I have a feeling this won't work well straight from the tube to the cheeks.  True enough, it dries up so fast only a few of the pigment is left on my brush.  

Check out how uneven the application is considering I'm a "PRO" in cheek stain application.

 But obviously, I don't want to give up and tested on various ways to apply!  I've tried sponge but the sponge absorbed the tint even faster than foundation brush so I had to give that idea a skip!

Then, found the best way to apply!  By using my Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush !  Applying an ample amount at the back of my hand, I gently stipple the product and apply straight from the apples of my cheeks spreading the tint going outward towards the hairline.

 How does it fair as a Lip Tint?  I love it!  It is highly pigmented, finishes off as matte!  It dries up my lips a bit because consider my lips to be in the worst "Dry" situation.  On normal lips user, this won't further dry your lips but do remember to prep your lips with a lip balm and dab off excess balm prior to lip stain application.

Feel free to apply this tint all over your lips or apply only at the center for gradient effect.

Overall, I love the Tony Moly Tonty Tint Delight 02 Red as a lip product but not on cheeks!  Look how uneven the color is on my photo below!  To adjust the uneven shade, feel free to apply a bit of liquid foundation on top of the tint with a brush to lessen certain areas that are too rosy or too red.

With the price, I can't seem to complain because you get this whole tube for only Php198.00 (approx $4.50).   This product will work best on users with normal and oily skin and so far, it doesn't give me any allergic reactions and the scent is light, fruity and sweet!

What is your take on this lip and cheek tint?
Do you have other product request for me to try?
(I will do my best to review it!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Pretty! My sister has this. And I love the smell + Taste! :)

    1. yes, the scent is good! :) Not just right for the cheeks as I have dry skin! Must work better on oily skinned users.

  2. Good thing you reviewed this; I was planning on getting it :)) I did expect it to work better either on the lips or cheeks (they never seem to work perfectly for both) but was hoping that it'd work better on the cheeks. And it looked like it would stay on for a long time, too! I couldn't wash the swatch off my hand

  3. Never tried this kind before, a bit worried baka kasi magbreak out :(

    1. talaga? you have issues with tints breaking you out? you must have very sensitive skin! Remembered your previous comment on breaking out on Celeteque, please check ingredients! there might be common ingredient on both!

  4. Is this waterproof?

  5. nagttransfer ba sya sa teeth? un kasi ung problem ko with the kjm lip and cheek tint. and gaano sya katagal nagsstay sa lips? TY in advance :)


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