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Mustela Maternite: For Mothers and Mothers-To-Be Launch

I always get email queries on the right products to use during pregnancy and after giving birth.  There are so many brands out there to recommend but on top of my list, I always mention Mustela.  I used various Mustela products on Kyle Nash and I wished I used more for myself!  Fellow mommies would understand, how exciting it is, yet difficult pregnancy is for our bodies.  Not only did our body changed but also our psychology and emotions.  Saying this statement like a Ms. Universe contestant: "I believe in giving attention not only to our kids but also to our own bodies!"

That's why when I received an invite to the launch of Mustela Maternite, I knew I had to be there even if I'm not pregnant and Kyle is definitely NOT a baby!  This product range is definitely for everybody especially moms like me who have underwent body changes after pregnancy.

A photo of Mustela Maternite Products

The event was hosted by fellow mommy Lexi Schulze.
A photo of Mustela Maternite product launch

 Jean Baptiste, from Mustela, shared to the audience the full range of 7 specialist products that are specifically formulated to provide targeted responses to changes the skin undergoes during pregnancy.  Can you name some?

On top of my head --- stretch marks, itchiness and loss of skin firmness.

A photo of Mustela Maternite product launch

Mustela Maternite has a dermatologically proven clinical efficacy for each of these issues and assure safety for mom and baby as well as hypoallergenic skincare products that are 100% compatible with breastfeeding.  The skin care range consists of products that deals with the most common concerns before, during and after pregnancy.
A photo of Mustela Maternite product launch
A photo of Mustela Maternite product launch

Mustela and Expectant Momma Cat Arambulo-Antonio was there to share are Mustela story.  She is a modern mommy of 3.  She also shared some tips during the event on how to manage to be up on her toes all the time with a smile!  According to her: "In work and in life, I believe in time management.  As a wife and mom, I try to get my work done when my husband is at the office or when my children are at school and asleep.  This is so that when they are home, I can dedicate all my time to them."

I agree with her 100% on that!

A photo of Mustela Maternite product launch

Mustela Philippines' Sharleen Subia Cu-Unjieng and Tammy Tancinco gave their warm gratitude to all Mustela supporters.  They are also 2 moms whom we should credit for bringing the brand to Manila.  They have used Mustela on their kids and have sworn on how effective the brand is, thus bringing this closer to all moms in the Philippines because they simply WORK!

A photo of Mustela Maternite product launch

Le Petit Soufle
A photo of food at Le Petit Soufle Century City Mall

A photo of food at Le Petit Soufle Century City Mall

Mustela Maternite Line

  • Stretch Marks Prevention Cream Formula - this product contains beeswax and shea butter which moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis leaving skin soft and smooth.  It also contains avocado peptides.
  • Prevention Oil - can improve skin's elasticity by 98%.  
  • Stretch Marks Recovery Serum- for those who were not able to take measures to prevent stretch marks.  This one is perfect for those existing stretch marks.
  • Soothing Moisturising Balm - to strengthen the skin, maintain hydration and prevent itchiness.  I can imagine myself using this even today!
  • Light Legs Gel - perfect for those who encounter leg fatigue and discomfort from pregnancy.  This will help veinous circulation and provides immediate comfort with the menthol extract.
  • Bust Firming Serum - tightens and tones the breasts through avocado peptides and Centella Asiatica.  Perfect for expectant moms who increased breast size due to hormonal changes.
For more product information, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@MustelaPhilippines)

Fellow mommies, have you tried Mustela products for you or your kids?
What is your favorite Mustela product?

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