Friday, January 22, 2016

Easy Makeup and Skincare Tips To Achieve Perfect-Looking Skin

Hi AMW Friends!  Today is make up tip Friday!  I am sharing some of the make up transformations I've done in the past and share tips and tricks.

How to Cover Minor Pimple Marks
This time, I am sharing tips on how to cover random pimple marks that are so pesky they stay with you forever!  (I have one on my left cheek by the way!)
After photo photographed by: Mark Lao of Trio Photography

 As seen on my male model above, he has good skin overall but to make him picture-perfect for his "cover CD shoot" (he is a singer by the way!)  I had to cover some of the pimple marks that maybe invisible to regular people but can be magnified on photographs!  To cover the red spot on his forehead and on the side of his cheek, I used a stick concealer to "spot conceal".  Apply stick concealer directly onto the red mark and blend out only the edges.  DO NOT touch the concealer or even intend to blend out the concealer that was applied directly on the pimple mark!  Let it set and dry for a couple of minutes and gently dab with a loose powder or powder foundation.

One inexpensive concealer I highly recommend that I personally use is from Celeteque called Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Clearing Concealer, the reason I like to use this even on clients is because for the fact that this has an extremely fine "point" for easy-concealing even on small pimple marks, at the same time, it contains salicylic acid which can help treat existing pimples.

To clients who used to have pimple marks but was left with dark spots or marks, I usually use a brightening BB Cream or base to help even out the skin at the same time "brighten" up the area before I apply a thin layer of foundation over the area with quick dabbing motion.  I let the foundation set and apply another layer all over the face!  I can even get away without using concealer with the BB Cream + Foundation application.

Inexpensive brightening BB Cream you may use ---

Pond's Flawless White BB Cream

Now with mature-skin clients who still have open pores (which is unusual by the way but I still get some of those!), I find it difficult to use regular pore-minimizing products as they tend to keep the skin matte-looking and drying!  Most pore-minimizing products in the market are meant for oily or combination skin.  But thankfully, I found an alternative, a pore-minimizing product that can also work for dry/dehydrated skin.

As seen on before and after photo above, the glow was maintained to keep her skin healthy-looking, at the same time, her pores are reduced, it may not be drastic but the pore-minimizing power of this drugstore product helps in minimizing "the look" of enlarged pores.  After applying a thin-layer all over the cheeks and sides of the nose (where her pores are obvious), I let it sit for a couple of minutes before I apply foundation on top!  If there are still some obvious pores peeking out, I like to use my clean fingers and the Pore Minimizing product and gently dab even on top of make up!

Now what's the Pore Minimizing Product that I found that works ?

Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream

Can you see how it can instantly brighten the skin by leaving a nice glow at the same time, give light to medium coverage?

I also used the same Olay CC cream on client below.

But based from experience, to really lighten up the skin, we have to do something from "within".  My mom-in-law has always been having issues with dark spots and marks on her skin so I gave her some glutathione capsules with collagen to try.  And to tell you frankly, it was one of the most effective "tip" I gave her in lightening up dark spots and marks on her skin!

You may read: All About Glutathione  
Belo Collagen Drink

By the way, all products mentioned can be purchased locally at Watsons.

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Are there any other make up tips you want to share using inexpensive products that you swore by?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow!!! Para kayong magician minagic nyong lahat yung mga blemish, wrinkles, pimples, pores darkspot. Ahahaha!!! Lol!! Yung matanda pinabata nyo yung bata naman mas pinabata nyo pala lalo!!! Lol... Seriously I love reading all your blogs marami po akong natutunan kahit medyo baguhan palang ako pagdating as page me me make up . kasi nakasawang basahin yung mga post from top to the end ng post nyo lalo yung dadaggannyo ng konting joke sobrang natatawa ko. Kaya Thank you Ms. Nikki from the bottom of heart dahil kayo yung stress reliever ko.

    1. Oooops take note Hindi nakakasawang basahin young mga blog post nyo!!!!

    2. aww thanks for always sharing sweet comments! I appreciate it a lot!

  2. Wow para kayong magician minagic nyong lahat yung blemishes, pimples, darkspot, pores. Ahahaha lol.!!!! Young matanda pinabata nyo young bats naman mass pinabata nyo Seriously I love reading all your blog post Hindi sya nakakasawa from top to the end lalo na pag dadadagan nyo ng konting joke minsan natatawa na lang ako. Sobrang naaaliw ako sa inyo pag binabasa ko nga po yung post pakiramdam ko parang ang lapit nyo lang!!!Thank you Ms. Nikki from the bottom of my heart that you are my stress reliever!!! Godbless!!!

    1. aww thanks Denice for the kind words! and I'm glad that I'm your stress reliever! YAY!

  3. Ponds BB cream in beige works wonder on my skin :D

  4. You did a great job on their makeup. Gandaaaa!


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