Tuesday, February 9, 2016

AMW Wears: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip (Bumble and Tulle)

ColourPop Cosmetics (especially their Ultra Matte Lip products) are the ultimate "It" thing if you follow Beauty Gurus on Youtube and Instagram!  Everyone's posting their loot and I can't help but wanted at least ONE of them even if I currently own gazillion of lip products!  And as much as I am proud to say I'm the type who has really strong will power, well, look....

Why Calyxta, why do you have to sell these?  You know what they say?  You learn more, you spend more!  hahaha  I learned so much about the various brand offerings they have when I attended their First Year Anniversary last December.   So I went home, browsed their online site, and told myself: "It is Christmas season, I deserve this!"

And got 2 shades of ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in shades Bumble and Tulle!
Thankfully, the site currently sells limited shades so I don't have an excuse to hoard!

Shade: Bumble
On tube, it looks like a warm medium red lip color.

On my lips, it is a medium rose pink shade that looks so pretty even on bare faced!  This shade would work well on all skin tones! 

Shade: Tulle
On tube, this looks like a dark plum red shade.

On my lips, it appears like a 90's dark brown lipstick shade.  This would look really great on users with medium to darker skin complexion!

Overall, pigmentation wise, ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip products deserve an award!  Both shades I used are literally from tube-to-your-lips type of shade even with just ONE application!  It applies smoothly and dries up really matte!  It clings on to dry patches though so if you have extremely dry lips like I do, better exfoliate the night before or apply a good amount of lip moisturizer a couple of minutes before application!  Make sure your lips are free from balm, oil and saliva for even application.

Both shades last more than half a day with minimal amount of fading!  Tulle has a weird scent though I'm not sure if it's an old stock that I got from the website but I'm glad Bumble doesn't have the same weird scent!  I didn't bother to return the item because I love Tulle so much and the scent goes away after a couple of minutes after application.  It could just be the product that I got!

Priced at Php450.00 each at www.calyxta.com, these are extremely worth it!  Will definitely check out for more shades availability! 

Which shade do you think suits me better?
Bumble or Tulle?
Any other shades you may want me to look into?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love colourpop! I need those in my lip color collection hahah sooo tempting.


    1. hahahahah thanks !I agree, they are really amazing

    2. Just got my Tulle today. lets see if it suits me. You look great with those two. xoxo

  2. I love colourpop lippies! Hope they could have physical store here in the country

  3. Two seriously good shades. I am tempted to get both!

  4. I always wanted to try colourpop lippies... will definitely check the site. THanks :)


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