Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lipstick of the Day: OFRA Lipstick and Calyxta Turns 1

Happy Mid-Week AMW Friends!  If you've seen major change on my Blog, well, I am definitely going for a MAJOR change for the year 2016!  I'm nearing my Blog Anniversary and I guess, I'm ready to bid goodbye to my dark blue background and hello white!  For now, it's not perfect yet (I'm sure it'll never be), but I'm definitely taking my time tweaking everything for you to have a wonderful experience whenever you visit my Blog!  Share on comment box below if you like the change okay?  Please be nice to me! :D

Now back to my post!  I cannot skip the week without sharing my lippie find --- whether it is a lipstick, a lip balm, lip tint, liquid lipstick or a gloss, I just had to share how lipstick can change the way I look in an instant!  That's why a girl can never have too many lipsticks!  AGREE?  *high five*

I talked about my love for OFRA Long Lasting Lipsticks I almost didn't bother to check out their lipsticks!  Because you know how it is about lip products nowadays, the more pigmented they are, the better!  And my first 2 OFRA lipsticks were okay but not WOW for it to stay on top of my dresser.

Thankfully, the makeup Gods work in mysterious way!  One time, I was so in a hurry I forgot to bring any lipstick!  I found a lipstick inside the car and it was a good accident!  This lippie must've made its way to the seat when my bag almost fell from the seat!  

So I wore this lipstick to an event and realized, how nice the shade 109 is for daily wear!

Ofra 109 is also called TOFFEE.  The color fits MLBB (My Lips But Better) definition for users with highly pigmented lips like I do!  It has a satin finish thus it would work even for users with extremely dry lips!  

As to recommendation from OFRA cosmetics to top their lipsticks with a similarly shade Liquid Lipstick?  I prefer not to because I'm liking the result!

OFRA Shade 109 Lipstick on ME

Ofra lipsticks are available at priced at Php500.00 (approx $11.00).

Speaking of Calyxta, I recently attended their Calyxta Turns 1 event which was held at Makati Diamond Residences Poolside.  I attended the event with my good friend Angela.

If you don't know Calyxta, well, feel free to check them out as I recently shopped for some makeup products!  They are an e-shop and community and they have been around for 12 full months!

The guests were pampered with partner brands who supported them during the event.

Makeovers by Maybelline


Hairstyling by Toni & Guy

Browhaus and Strip were there just in case you need quality me-time.

Nail Artby Enza Nail Spa using Ciate polishes.

Fellow bloggers who celebrated with Calyxta.
Krissy and Kira



I had so much fun checking out their display ranging from Skin Products --- I spy Vichy, Embryolisse and LaRoche Posay!

Makeup brands like Pix by Petra, Eve Pearl and Maybelline

Urban Decay!

And some hair products!  

*sigh* Surrounding myself with beauty products and people who have the same interests as I do make me a happy gal!

 Have you checked out Calyxta Website?
How do you like my OFRA 109 lipstick?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. oh dear akala ko naligaw ako ng blog ms nikki! i love your new template super neat!

    1. hahaha buti di mo ni click ang X :P Thanks for liking my new template!

  2. It looks like white is the colour of the future! :D Loving how clean and bright and professional it looks, Nikki

    1. Thanks Sue! So happy to do the change and finally have a bit of time to do the change!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks sis, it's a jumpsuit though ,and it's a pants jumpsuit :D

  4. Great blog, Ms. Nikki. Keep up the good work!

  5. I was shock to see your blog I thought I was redirected to other blog hahaha!

  6. I super like this new template, refreshing and relaxing to look at while reading your blog.

  7. Super love the new look of your blog!!! <3 Mas nakakatuwa ng magbasa omg I'm so happy!! :) <3


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