Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lipsticks of the Day: L'Oreal Color Riche and Collection Star Lipsticks

I love how people see me as a "boring mom" who wears neutrals EVERYDAY.  Well, you can be wrong but once I hold the "lipstick weapon", I can go crazy!  I am very confident in wearing any shade of lipstick as long as the occasion calls for it!

Just recently, L'Oreal Paris wants us to Celebrate Pink, Love Red, Brave Orange and Discover Mauve with their newest Color Riche Lipsticks.

That's me sporting all 4 shades!

L-R Color Riche in Red Valentine, Color Riche in Pure Rouge,
Color Riche in Pure Fire and Color Riche in Glamor Fuchsia

Glamor Fuchsia was worn by Maine Mendoza so I had to try it immediately because I love how the color looked on her!

L-R Color Riche in Red Valentine, Color Riche in Pure Rouge,
Color Riche in Pure Fire and Color Riche in Glamor Fuchsia

Color Riche in Red Valentine

As opposed to the name "Red" Valentine, this is actually a Pink Valentine on tube!  
I love how this is a perfect "instant-pick-me-upper" shade.  Whenever I wear this lipstick, I feel 100% better no matter how crappy I felt!

Color Riche in Pure Rouge

Pure Rouge is a perfect red color that any skin tone can pull off!  It has a creamy matte texture that won't feather or flake!  I love how even my driest lip days can still look good wearing this shade!  And it doesn't hurt that my teeth looks whiter wearing this shade!

Color Riche in Pure Fire

As stated in my previous posts, any orange tone lipstick won't mesh well with my warm skin tone but I actually like the stunning tangerine red shade with orange undertone whenever I plan to look more "tan" than I really am.  This shade would work best on users with medium to darker skin tone but I like how it has a "gold" sheen that would make your skin looks luminously healthy!

Color Riche in Glamor Fuchsia

Glamor Fuchsia is a tricky lip color because it looks like a boring dark purple lipstick on tube but once applied on the lips, it appears to be a bright fuchsia pink color with cool undertone.  It helps to test this product before purchase because this will look different (I mean it!), extremely different on each individual!  Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) wore this exact shade and it appears to be darker on her!  As for me, because my lips are heavily pigmented, the color appears brighter fuchsia pink than deep purple as expected when seen on tube.

eal Glamor Fuchsia looks very dark judging from the bullet but upon swatching it is a vibrant fuchsia pink with a purple undertone. In other words its a deep orchid color which will flatter pretty much all skintones. It might a bit too bright for dusky beauties but if you have the right attitude then I’m sure you’ll rock it.

Read more at HeartBowsMakeup.com : http://www.heartbowsmakeup.com/loreal-color-riche-moist-matte-lipstick-glamor-fuchsia-review-swatches/

Overall, all the 4 Color Riche Lipsticks I've tried has matte or demi-matte finish.  They are extremely pigmented and glides on lips without issues!  They don't cling on to dry patches on the lips so I am very impressed with these!

I particular love Red Valentine, Pure Rogue and Glamor Fuchsia and will wear them depending on my mood and outfit!

What's your favorite shade out of the four?

All Color Riche Lipsticks are priced locally at Php400.00 (approx $9.00).

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm in for pure rouge or pure fire I have similar shade of lipstick as glamour fushia ( I've swatch it last week).

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'll give other shades a try

  2. I also love the Glamour Fuschia because it definitely brightens up the face. And it looks good on you :)


  3. Oh the glamor fuchsia looks amazing! It's a pow color for those who want to skip the red lips.

  4. I do also have Red Valentine and it was my favorite last year. But I've been loving now their nude shade, 'Fairy Touch'. I do also use sometimes the shade 'Pure Garnet' ♥ Love that deep red shade. ♥


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