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Creating Fluffy Eyes and A Nice Contour with Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

Asian make up lovers, I'm sure you know the term "aegyo eyes".  To those who don't, I guess, I'm the reason why you learn something new today!  Aegyo eyes, also translated as "eye smiles" or "cute skin", meaning, you will accentuate the "fatty deposits" beneath the eyes rather than drawing attention on your circles.  

You call that weird right?  But hey, it's a fad and some women in Korea even had to undergo surgery to have that "fluffy-looking undereye"!   

Now please bear in mind that this particular product I"m featuring is not meant to create "aegyo eyes" but I was just inspired to do so because the product is so handy and easy to use so I had to go out of my comfort zone and do something unique!

My Fluffy Under Eye with some help of nose contouring using Deep Shadow side.


a photo on how to use Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

Now let's focus on this wonder product I recently tried and used!  The KATE Tokyo 3D Eye Create (Php700.00)  is a double-sided two-shade eye shadow stick with a combination of a highlighter and a deep color eye shadow for creating contoured creases and a sharp nose with a natural look.

A photo of Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

Product description on box and diagram on how to use.
a photo of Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

The product comes with a sponge-tip applicator with sharp tip for easier product placement.  You get more product each time you twist the cap back in!  I find this part to be a "CON" because once you created a curve at the center of the product, you can't seem to get the rest of the product unless you scrape them all out!

a photo of Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

The High Light has a pink tone to it with a matte, powder-like finish.
The Deep Shadow on the other hand is almost the same shade as my skin only a shade deeper.  On the naked eye, it felt like there wasn't much pigmentation but once applied, it is the beauty of the product because you get a full contour effect that is almost invisible to the naked eye!  I'll show you photos after the jump.

a swatch photo of Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

You may follow the diagram on box but since I know my face well, I proceeded highlighting areas of my face where I want to highlight --- that is the inner corner of my eyes, my lower lash line (for fluffy eyes effect and mind you, this is only for experiment)

a photo of how to use Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

My nose bridge, the upper lip line even my chin!
a photo of how to use Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

As for contouring, I like to do so on the nose!  It is always best to start at the inner corner of my brows gently apply Deep Shadow until you reach the tip of the nose. (Related post: How to: Nose Contour)

a photo of how to use Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

Feel free to highlight the brown bone area and above the brows.
a photo of how to use Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

Half Face Test
Using the highlight side for "fluffy eyes" seem effective!  Look at how the skin under my eye (left eye facing you) seems "bloated" as compared to the other eye without highlighting powder.

As for the nose contour, the effect is extremely natural!
before and after photo after using  Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

Before and After Photo
My face looks more defined and my nose looks slimmer!  The fluffy eyes, I can get away without doing this because I looked like I cried all night!  The fluffy eyes technique will work for those who don't have puffy eyes!  (Mas perfect pa if your eyes are "lubog")

before and after photo after using  Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

I do look younger though with that extra "bag" under the eye!
I definitely have a favorite nose contour powder today!

before and after photo after using  Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create

The Kate Tokyo 3D Eye Create is an easy contour and highlight tool!  Highlighting and contouring using the sharp tip makes it extremely easy even for first time make up wearers!  I like how the deep shadow looks extremely natural as nose contour and you can even use this to contour your eyelid!

Overall, I am very impressed with this product, I wish they find better ways to dispense the product out because I felt like after several uses, I won't be able to maximize the product as most of them will be stuck inside the cap.

How do you like my fluffy eyes?
Do you think you can pull off this makeup trick?

Kate Tokyo 3d Eyes Create is priced locally at Php700.00 (approx $15.55) available at selected SM Department Stores/ Watsons, Wellworth UP Town Center, Landmark Makati and Trinoma and Metro Gaisano Cebu.

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  1. The packaging reminds me of loreal powder lipstick!

  2. You looked like a teenager!

    1. yeah, like a second rate..trying hard...teenager! :P Hahaha super thanks though for the compliment!


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