Thursday, February 11, 2016

Simple Beauty Hacks That Makes a Difference!

Today, I will be sharing some beauty items that I recently discovered!  Items you've probably seen in stores or online but never thought of including them in your life.  But once you did, you may not let go...

Now that sounds like a #hugot song!

For the Hair
Whenever I visit a Zenutrients booth, I always go for their scented products, all thanks to Sampleroom I get to try this Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum.  I may not have thinning hair issues but I have a lot of hair fall especially the past few months were stress is really taking a toll!

What I usually do is just massage a small amount of this into the scalp evening before I go to bed and wash off the next morning!  It took around a week or two to see a huge difference on less hair fall!

A photo of Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum
Php499.00 per 40ml bottle

For the Face
If you follow me on Snapchat you'll know how much I love these masks!  I have a bundle of them in my stash and it was just a couple of months ago I was consistent with mask application at night!  I do this at least once or twice a week and my favorite brand for now is from Leaders Insolution.  It is because for the fact that I can see results almost immediately as compared to other mask brands I've tried.

My favorite is Bright Mask for regular days, Detox Mask if I felt my skin is too dry or lifeless.  Whenever I start to get random spots from stress and lack of sleep, I use the Anti-Trouble Mask which is surprisingly good and non-drying!  For the first time, I can use masks for troubled skin without having the drying effects.

Since I'm not the type who has oily skin, I actually gave the Anti-Sebum mask away for my relatives who need this.

And I recently tried their newest Facial Shaping System V-line!  It was fun to use, I don't see much result because I only used this once but I love the "firm" effect it gives after one use especially on my cheek area!

For Foundation Application
Do you still remember my quick tip on How to Keep Your Skin From Looking Dry and Fake After Foundation Application?  Well, I've found another face oil alternative to use that I love aside from Kiehl's and Burt's Bees!  The Body Shop Oils of Life is a great alternative because side from the smooth appearance it gives after application, it also helps reduce signs of aging!  After putting in a small drop to my foundation, it has a bit of an herbal scent that quickly dissipates.  Foundation glides smoothly and I love how my skin is less drying for the whole day!

Well, obviously, if you have oily skin or combination skin, you're probably scared to life to even put a single drop of oil to your foundation!  So another tip that I learned from months of trial and error is to use an Oil-Infused serum instead!  The one I can recommend is from Origins called Three Part Harmony.
My impressions of the Three Part Harmony™ Oil-Infused Serum:
Packaging: The serum comes in a glass bottle with a really cool dropper top. Instead of a bulb that you squeeze (and that can degrade and get messy), there is a large "button" that you depress to load the dropper with the serum. I love it!
Product: The consistency of the product is that of a fairly thin lotion. It feels slightly sticky (or maybe a little oily?) on the skin at first, but it absorbs quickly and leaves skin silky soft. It does contain oils and butters, so that would account for the initial feeling.
Fragrance: This product is highly fragranced - but - I believe that most (if not all) of that may come from essential oils. I did not have an ingredient list, so I can't verify that, but my skin is very sensitive to fragrance and I didn't have any issues, so I suspect this is the case. The fragrance dissipates quickly. I actually quite like the scent. It smells slightly citrus-y to me, and I think I detect jasmine - but it's not an overall floral scent because I don't like floral scents and this is very pleasant.
How to use: The instructions say to apply several drops to clean skin AM & PM. Follow with Three Part Harmony™ Nourishing Cream. For me, a few drops go a long way. It's a very luxurious product. - See more at:

This also comes in a glass bottle with dropper and it has a lotion-like consistency but a bit more hydrating due to the presence of oils and butter as part of the ingredient.  I like how it gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly too!

For face cleansing
I've shared in my previous post on how washing your face with just your hand isn't enough!  So I highly recommend using a sponge at least twice a week for exfoliation!  As much as we can just grab any sponge we like, there are certain sponges that could be too harsh on your skin!  Try going for gentle sponge like My Konjac Sponge or my most recent discovery, Keekai Charcoal Sponge.

Available at Beauty Bar Trinoma, Greenbelt, SM MOA, Rockwell, and Central Square
Keekai Charcoal Sponge is not like your regular sponge, it has Charcoal that can help absorbs toxins.  So this product is perfect for users with problematic skin or acne-prone skin.

All you need to do is to thoroughly wet Keekai Charcoal Sponge until it gets bigger, gently rub the sponge on your skin or face with circular motion and rinse with water.

For the Eyes
I've done so many workshops for the past few years and many of my clients are scared to apply eye makeup!  Best beauty hacks for those scared to do eye makeup?  Invest on colored liners!  They are way easier to use and stays longer!

Happy Skin Eye Candy Set Php1,299.00

Happy Skin Eye Candy is perfect because you get a set of 4 colors and they are not just regular pencil liners but gel liners!  Meaning, they are easier to work with, easier to blend and won't tug your lids.

My favorite shade is Watermelon!  This is a perfect "green" shade that helps reduce redness especially on the waterline!  It won't be as "fake-looking" as a white liner so the effect will be very natural.

I love this shade so much I actually bought full size after trying out the set! 

False Lashes for Instant Perk-Me-Upper!
You know how it is when you wear falsies?  Your eyes immediately popped and you look wide awake?  If only I have the luxury of time to use these EVERY TIME I go out!  I know Japanese Girls wear them a lot because I really see them sporting falsies even sans makeup when I visited Japan!  

Now, won't it be too fake-looking and uncomfortable?  Not when you sport natural-looking and lightweight lashes!  

Some good brands I've tried and highly recommend...

Dolly Wink Natural Dolly 

Red Cherry Lashes in #DS03 available at DTC

If you have time in your hands, apply these Bohk Toh lashes individually and you get a nice wispy lashes effect without looking like you had falsies on!
Bohk Toh Lashes available at
Now since we're on the topic of Pick-Me-Uppers!  Who will ever forget Contact Lenses?  I wore them a few times on my makeup tutorials and seriously, my eyes look way better with them!  Again, if only I have the luxury of time!  I'd wear them every day!  One brand that I've tried and trust is from Air Optix!  My favorite shades are Pure Hazel and Sterling Gray.

For the Feet
One of the least loved part of our body!  I really feel bad for my feet especially since I love to run around barefoot when I play with my son!  So aside from using my favorite Scholl, I'm so happy Baby Foot is here!  I have tried and used a similar one years ago called Foot Appeal Peeling Mask and the result was amazing!  

Baby Foot is priced at Php830.00

I can't wait to give this a try, I just have to wait until I don't have much special events or meetings coming up because it would be embarrassing to leave random dry skin on public places!

 Baby Foot Peel has a treat for us this Valentine's day!  Buy 2 and get 10% off on total purchase!  These are available at Beauty Bar Stores nationwide.  Promo runs February 7-14, 2016.

Any beauty hacks you may want to add for the year 2016?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Such a long and helpful hacks! I do wear spectacles every single day and whenever I want to doll up I go for colored contact lenses my to brand is GEOLICA in nudy gray and EO Flex wear they are comfortable to wear too!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I want to try the gugo hair serum because I seen to have a never ending case of hair fall. Anyway, I learned a trick from Wayne Goss; After I applied my foundation or bb cream, I pat it with a tissue paper then blend it again with a dense kabuki brush. It gives a natural finish and the foundation will not cake at all. I have oily skin by the way. :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! I want to try the gugo hair serum because I seen to have a never ending case of hair fall. Anyway, I learned a trick from Wayne Goss; After I applied my foundation or bb cream, I pat it with a tissue paper then blend it again with a dense kabuki brush. It gives a natural finish and the foundation will not cake at all. I have oily skin by the way. :)

  4. I am very much interested with the "Keekai Charcoal Sponge". I am acne prone and I love putting on makeup esp before going to work, I feel I need this to complete my skin care. Where in SM MOA is it exactly on sale, this will be one of my beauty hauls when I get to Manila this summer. Can't wait.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS, Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation For Feet peel works really well. At first, I didn't see anything happening after almost 5 days but lord let me tell you, it was scary to see all that skin coming off. I'd say it peeled for almost 2 weeks and now it's exactly as it states... I now have baby feel.. Sooo soft, no hard skin nothing, this is GREAT!!


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