Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to Brighten Tired Eyes with just ONE product!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you'll probably see how much of an "owl" I am!  Yes, I can do so much because I sleep extremely late!  Well, blame my "owl-genes" my son even got it!  So one of my major makeup must-have nowadays or concealers and under eye brightener!  Because correcting and concealing will never be enough!  I have to go to the undereye brightening route to fake that complete rest!

Keep in mind though that I'm still a human being, so you will definitely see some darkness peeking through and of course, the huge bulge!  This is the most I can do with makeup, lessen the look of tiredness and I can achieve it with just ONE product!

A photo of  Missha Under Eye Brightener

Any guesses?

The Missha Under Eye Brightener 
Quoting the description from Missha official website ---

The Style Under Eye Brightener is a tip-type concealer that contains brightening properties to cover up your dark circles and imperfections.  Choose from Light Beige and Natural Beige.
A photo of  Missha Under Eye Brightener

I picked Natural Beige!
A photo of  Missha Under Eye Brightener

 Now girls with dark under eye area, PLEASE, correct and conceal it properly.  You can read my post on how to conceal undereye circles here.

Now once you are happy with the "lessened" darkness around the undereye area, pick a concealer or any liquid brightener like the one from Missha and dot on areas were darkness is peeking through.  In my case, it is the line that separates the "puff" of my eye and my cheeks.

A photo on how to use  Missha Under Eye Brightener

Now leave that brush or sponge and use your clean fingers instead!  With a quick tapping motion, dab the product quickly with gentle pressure pushing the product "into" the lines to fill up space.

a photo on how to use Missha Under Eye Brightener

Step back and make sure everything is well-blended.  Once you are happy with the result, set it gently with a loose powder or in my case, additional coverage from a powder foundation!  

What I like about the Missha Under eye Brightener is the fact that it is extremely easy to blend!  It blends seamlessly leaving NO trace of heavy makeup once set!  This gives off a powder finish and sometimes, I can get away without setting especially on humid days like today! 

Can you see the difference of a concealed undereye circles vs. concealed undereye circles + brightening concealer?

I look alive and kicking and ready to take on the world!
A photo of  Missha Under Eye Brightener

I got my Missha Under Eye Brightener at www.ph.althea.kr priced at Php399.00.  Now, these are on sale priced at Php190.00!  Sulit!

Do you use eye brightener separately aside from your usual concealer?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You nailed the #Isleep8hrslook got to get this!

    1. ahahhaha thanks Ann, been 3 years since my last REAL 8 hours sleep!

  2. Hihi excited to try it! I ordered it from Althea last week, my order will arrive any day now. :D

  3. Oh this is godsend! I love the effect.

  4. Amazing indeed! Love the effect of it. It really brightens tired eyes. I gotta grab one of these.

  5. I should have grabbed this one instead of the 4D Mascara :( Ang nice ng effect.

    1. maybe, when you shop again? :D Never say too late!


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