Monday, March 28, 2016

Tony Moly LipTone Get It Tint Water Bar 05 Plum in Purple Review

I am IN LOVE with Purple Lipsticks nowadays!  It all started when I tried Inglot's Berry Obsession Shade 293 and Too Cool For School Hot Girl Lip Sticker in Blazing Purple.  So when I visited my favorite Tony Moly branch at Lucky Chinatown (the SA there is super friendly I love her!), I got intrigued to try the newest lip color line called LipTone Get It Tint Water Bar

So how is it different with the usual lipsticks?

According to the SA, this Tint Water Bar contains 40% hydration for cool absorption on the lips.  As compared to other lip tints, the version of Tony  Moly is different in terms of pigmentation. 

I honestly got too intrigued (and confused) with what this lip product has to offer so I knew I had to grab one!   Available shades are ---
#01 Pinky In Pink
#02 Sunny In Orange
#03 Orange In Red
#04 Red In Red
#05 Plum in Purple

I got Plum in Purple without much thought because I knew the color would work for me!

Swatch on hand

Imagine a lip tint that is "cubed" into a lipstick?  That is the best explanation I can think of for the Tony Moly LipTone Get It Tint Water Bar.  It looks just like regular tinted lip balm but pigmentation is similar to a lipstick minus the waxy texture or glossy feel. 

As for application, one swipe would give you light to medium color (depending on how pigmented your lips are).  I like how it literally felt like applying a lip tint all over lips but the application is more even.

If you are a fan of gradient lips, you can easily apply only at the center of your lips or apply full and smudge off the corners of your lips with a lip concealer.  (just like how I did on photo below)

The Lip Tint Water Bar is extremely creamy and glides smoothly on lips.  Be careful though if you have dehydrated lips because this product may "magnify" lip dryness so exfoliation is needed.

The lip tint, especially this shade Plum in Purple, if I may have to add, is extremely pigmented.  It may stain your lips and the color is long lasting.  It surpasses eating and drinking and I only need to reapply if I wanted more vibrant color!

Overall, I am super happy with this color and will definitely look for other shades! 
(Note from AMW: Please purchase lip color after you tried it out, colors may change or look different on each individual.  Plum in Purple looks almost red on me because of my heavily pigmented lips.)

Tony Moly LipTone Get It Tint Water Bar costs Php478.00 (approx $10.00) locally.  For more information visit, Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and IG (@TonyMolyPH) 

How do you like Plum In Purple on me?
Will you wear this shade too?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. is this better than tony moly delight?

    1. the texture is different, this is more of a lipstick while the other is more liquid. I personally like this more, but just my personal preference..Both are good though

  2. warna merah lisptiknya cantik banget, suka..


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