Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at Mak Chang Restaurant

Funny how I do some research on my own Blog and realized I've dined in the same restaurant (different branch)!  It was exactly 4 years ago when I first dined at a Korean Restaurant at Ermita called Mak Chang!  Fast forward to today, we've decided to go for an authentic Korean dish because...we missed Korean food!  We went for Mak Chang Korean Restaurant this time at the Diosdado Macapagal Branch.  

The restaurant is a bigger yet the set up is exactly the same as their mother branch.  (Read about my experience at Mak Chang Ermita in this blog post)

Because we were extremely hungry!  We've decided to go for 2 orders of Pork Galbi (Php300.00/ order) and 1 order of Samkyupsal (Php300.00)


Please note that you have to order at least 2 dishes before you get all the unlimited side dishes!  Their KimChi is a must try!  Extremely fresh, crunchy and spicy!  And oh, you also get a bowl of steamed egg and my favorite Bean Sprouts with Sesame and lettuce leaves!  They were quite consistent with their food because it brought me back to good food memories!

I am definitely a fan of their Pork Galbi, they are marinated quite well so you get a tender pork strip with juicy flavors on the inside.  Mak Chang uses charcoal in grilling your meat so you get this authentic taste of BBQ flavor !

And as I was complaining how stuffed we are from all the good food!  Here I was at 12mn trying out the newly purchased Oolala Potato Chips which we bought from S&R.  This chips got me at Black Truffle and will definitely buy more!!!!  If you've seen this at the grocery and you love Truffle oil the way I do, no need to think twice!!!! GOOO BUY!!!!!

Our Little Rascal running around S&R, I can't seem to shop well so I am very thankful Mr. AMW is "in-the-know" on what's needed in our kitchen! He does the shopping as I play with my son!

How was your Holy Week Vacation?
We made sure to recharge and be ready for the crazy weeks to come! It is so nice to just stay home and enjoy sleep!

Happy Easter!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. My cousin always bring those olala chips during their "inuman"session though, I'm the one who finishes it (I don't drink alcohol) lol!;)

  2. These images looks so great. I love the presentation.


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