Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Soufeel Online Shopping Review

If you spend most of your time on Facebook, you've probably seen countless ads for Soufeel!  I've seen them so many times and have wondered how online shopping would go!  As you all know, I'm an "online shopper" and I'm allergic to picking products at the postal office.

THANKFULLY, my Soufeel order arrived in a week at the comfort of my home!  That's a HUGE plus points for me so I'm definitely shopping again!

a photo of Soufeel

Read further to know the other "plus points" from shopping at Soufeel.

Aside from it being packed on a bubbled pouch, once you open the pretty white box with light blue ribbon, you'll know each item are well protected and handled carefully!  They were all sealed in a resealable bag making it easy to spot even the smallest charm!

A photo of Soufeel product shipped to the PHilippines

Here's what I picked for my charms ---
  • Wedding Rings ($15.00) : to signify my marriage or just merely saying: "I'm married!"
  • Lipstick ($20.00) : to signify my job as a makeup artist, beauty blogger.
  • February Birth Stone in Dark Purple ($15.95) : my birth month!
  • Alphabet K ($15.95) : for Keith and Kyle, two of the most important people in my life!

a photo of Soufeel Charms

On the website, there are several bracelets to choose from.  From Leather, Bangle and Classic.  I went for the latter.

Soufeel Common Style Stopper Bracelet

I'm so glad I picked the one with a stopper because you just don't know when your bracelet will suddenly unscrew itself and I don't want to get down on my knees looking for tiny charms!  Truth be told, I wished I went for the one with Safety Chain because they look prettier!  I can always order an extra "safety chain" though!  So no biggie for me!

a photo of Soufeel bracelet

The clasp is quite firm so you don't have to worry about it unscrewing itself!

A photo of Soufeel clasp and how to open

It took some time for me to realize how to open this clasp!  With the use of my fingernail, I separate the gap and voila!

a photo of Soufeel bracelet and how to open

Soufeel Charm can fit Pandora bracelets and vice versa!  I love how the quality of each charm and the bracelet itself are made with quality!  If you are not a "branded person", Soufeel is a good alternative because of the price, the quality of the product and the added freebies and discounts.

a photo of Soufeel charm bracelet

That's me wearing just the Bracelet with Stopper.

a photo of Soufeel bracelet with stopper

And me wearing the bracelet with all the important charms I picked!

a photo of Soufeel bracelet with stopper and charms

Checking out their site again, I'm looking forward to Mother's Day discounts because I have a couple more charms I would like to purchase!  If you ask me, shipping was amazing but I have to check again their shipping service and will update here (since the first one was offered to me as a Blogger and I'll go ahead and repurchase as a regular customer again).  Please watch out for updates if there are changes!

What's unique for the site and brand is that, they offer 365 days return with free shipping with orders over $50.00.  The 365 days return is a relief for me knowing that if I get a defective bracelet, I can always return it.

a photo of Nikki Tiu wearing Soufeel Bracelet

Soufeel is offering my readers 5% discount by using my code "Nikki5".  Please bear in mind that I do not get anything, I went ahead and accept this code because I would love YOU to get discounts when you purchase!  The heck, I'll probably use my own discount code when I repurchase!

How do you like my Soufeel Bracelet and Charms?
Will you give this brand a try considering the quality is at par with the more expensive brand?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Your selection of charm are so pretty and significant (you just gave me an idea what to give to my Mom).

    1. Super spot on no? I wish I can get more pa for this Mother's Day!

  2. Oh my! This is a good deal and option than the expensive one. Beautiful charms and love the discount as well.

  3. Pretty much like Pandora :) The charms are so cute!

    1. I would say look so close to Pandora!!! And the charms of Pandora and vice versa can fit on either bracelets.


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