Thursday, June 9, 2016

Unboxing: Althea's Trendy Items

You know how I love to shop at Althea, one huge reason is that, the package gets sent directly to the doorstep!  Second, the prices are affordable and they also get huge sales every now and then!

Don't forget to SIGN UP if you haven't and get Php150.00 off with no minimum purchase requirement!  That made my heart flutter.

Now let's talk about my 3rd box from Altea (Was it 3rd?  Or 4th?  Seriously can't keep track!)  

This package was a surprise gift from Althea to me!  Because I'm an AWESOME Shopper!  :P  Just joking, they probably just wanted me to get the word out that at Althea, you don't just get the usual brands you see in most online shops or Korean Makeup and Skin care stores!  At Althea, you also get trendy and hot items you probably haven't seen or heard before!

Just like this box, I don't know ANY of the brands and items included and I'm glad to get to know them better!

a photo of Althea's Trendy Items
Let's take a peek of the products one at a time?
Are you ready?

Honey Snail Ultra Moisturizer
Php310.00 from Php1,050.00
I have actually tried this and this smells so good!  It has the same texture as most gel moisturizers and I love the cooling sensation it gives on every application!  It does give hydration almost immediately after application!  I like to use this even on top of makeup on days my skin feels tight and dry!

The reason for this is because the Honey Snail Ultra Moisturizer is packed with mucin, which is a Snail Secretion!  And you all know snail secretions is the "in" thing in Korean skincare.

a photo of Honey Snail Ultra Moisturizer from althea

Lala Rose Day Inner Gel Cleanser
I can't seem to find this on Althea's Philippine page but it is still available in Malaysian site.  This is one of the most trendy and unique item I found in the box!  This is an intimate Gel Cleanser that is PH safe, mild, gentle and has a rosy scent.  I haven't tried any gel cleanser as of the moment. 

a photo of Lala Rose Day Inner Gel Cleanser

Lala Secret Oil
Also not available in Althea PH site but available in 3 scents at MY site.  Comes in Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang.  How to use?  Well, better read directions!  This oil is not only meant to be used asa massage oil, a multi-purpose oil that can also be used for bubble bath.  It can also be a "perfume" on your clothing and..ahem...undies!

a photo of Lala Secret Oil from althea

Herb Warm Patch
Php110.00 from Php230.00
This is a patch "pad" that is perfect for those monthly cramps and PMS!  Made with herbs and has a warm sensation, it can relieve tummy ache!  

It should be noted not to apply on top of broken skin as allergic reactions may occur!

a photo of Herb Warm Patch from althea

Gong Ji Hair Pack
Php140.00 from Php300.00
I'm in love with my Leaders Insolution hair pack and I can't wait to try other brands!  This is a DIY Self Heating Hair Treatment that looks like a hair bow, hair band or just a plain hair bandana!  It is said that you can shop with this on your head, but I dare not!  hahahah  Would you?

a photo of kocostar Gong Ji Hair Pack from althea

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheets 
(Lemon, Tomato and Cucumber)
Php100.00 from Php230.00
I know masks are super "IN" in Korea and I'm glad the Filipinos are catching up!  I am a mask girl and I can't wait to try Lemon for Brightening, Tomato for Rejuvenation and Cucumber for Hydration.

They are not in just 1 plain sheet of mask though, these comes in cute real fruits/vegetable slices.

And as to EVERY Althea order, you get a sample and I got the Time Revolution sample!

That's it!
Trendy items for you and me!
Any interesting item you want me to review and feature in a more detailed manner?
(Praying not the Lala Rose Day Inner Gel Cleanser) :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I got their wannabee poreless box and what excites me most is their fluffy cute pink head band. I hope they have EH brow tint because that baby sells like hot cake at SM North.

  2. I want the secret oil!!! I love oils.

    1. talaga? nice to know, I have dry skin, I should be a fan of "oil" but I'm not.


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