Sunday, July 24, 2016

Greenwich Newest Bacon Crispy Thins Is AMW-Approved!

I personally hailed last Wednesday as "National Bacon Day"!  
It was a bacon-filled day as our friends from Greenwich launched their one-of-a-kind limited edition pizza called Bacon Crispy Thins.

Please repeat with me.... BACON... CRISPY...THINS!

You have to repeat it several times because you will definitely forget the name of the pizza and your own name once you take the first bite!  Well, that happened to me so I'm cautioning you!

As expected in any food event, you'll have all the great food served right in front of you!  Upon arriving, my favorite Greenwich Cheesy Garlic Bread!  My left hand had to stop my right hand because I knew I had to safe space for more!

The Greenwich Barkada were all there to welcome everyone to feel the #BaconEffect.

Yassi Pressman, Jerome Ponce and Andre Paras hosted the event.

Chef Ed Bugia graced the launch and prepared baconized lunch!
Seriously, how many ways can you cook with bacon?  SO MANY!

Bacon Deviled Egg

Cream Cheese and Bacon Poutine 
with Caramelized Onions, Apples and Chives

Baked Potato Cream Cheese Soup with Bacon

And of course, the star of the day.... the arrival of Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins as Main Course.

And just when I thought I was Baconized and Cheesified, they added a choice of Greenwich Pasta and I had to go for my favorite Lasagna!

And they did not forget my favorite Greenwich Wacky Wings!  Oh guys, seriously, one of the best fast-food chicken, why?  It tastes just like my mom's cooking --- soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside.  Warms the tummy and heart.

Added is the most unique ice cream I've tried.  Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Candied Bacon.  Sounds weird, tastes extraordinarily good!

And just when I thought eating was all the "FUN".  They added a fun activity of creating our own Bacon Crispy Thins.  Here, I get to learn more about the ingredients of this limited edition pizza.

There's bacon, cream cheese, mozzarella, ham and mushrooms that gives off a touch of sweetness and gooey texture, the pizza has a salty, sharp garlic-y taste!  Definitely one of my favorite pizza to-date from Greenwich!


Not bad right?  And Mr. AMW says it tastes really good!  Siyempre, no choice siya no:P

And seriously, the event was made even more fun with my own "Greenwich Table-Kada"!  

With Ruth, my wonderful neighbor!
Glad to learn we had so much more in common!

The Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza will be sold in Greenwich branches nationwide at a starting price of Php220.00 from July to September 30, 2016.  Until supplies last.

On August 20, it is National Bacon Lover's Day so please follow them on Facebook (Greenwich), Twitter and Instagram (@greenwichpizza) for exciting activities.

Now if you can't wait, grab your barkada and bond with your favorite Greenwich Pizza.  Call for delivery at #5-55-55.

What's your favorite Greenwich dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Their lasagna is my comfort food. I love Greenwich! When I was a kid, I remember they had tacos---around '93 or '94 and they were good, so good in fact that I am still mourning because they removed it from the menu.

    1. aaahhh I just had Greenwich again when my brother came back for vacation ang sarap naman talaga

  2. Bacon!!!!! Argh!! Your post made me super hungry!! =)

  3. I love greenwich pizza (i've grown up to the taste of their pizza and it is my standard when I'm dining from unfamiliar or new restaurant) Anyway, their Lasagna is good but I prefer the Nathaniel's Lasagna ugh how I wish they include garlic bread when they serve it.

    1. ahh love Greenwich, it is a date restaurant for me and my then BF Keith :P


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